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Deirdre Davis

"It belongs in a museum!" - Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.

Biographical Data
Deirdre 00.jpg
Name: Deirdre Davis
Birthdate: 03/12/1992
Occupation: Antiquities Dealer and Procurer
Nationality: American
Nature: Explorer
Demeanor: Autist

Quote: "The ledge is there for leaping."
Themesong: Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group

Owner of an antique shop, hidden somewhere in Pokoh's Peak and only available to those who truly seek it out. The treasures inside are amazing to behold. She also procures and sells antiquities, with the most valuable held in a museum.

RP Hooks
  • Antiques
  • Spooky stuff.
  • Being new to town
  • That one guy
  • That one girl
  • Uhm...that other guy
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