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"Corax are small because they're meant to do small things, and it's the small things that make a difference." - Anon.

Biographical Data
Name: Delilah, Pretty Raven
Birthdate: June 12, 2012
Occupation: Corax 69th airborne recon f221d5c644.png
Nationality: Not really applicable.
Nature: Explorer
Demeanor: Decoder

Father: Unknown Raven
Mother: Unknown Raven

Quote: "Die evil piggies!" Said while playing Angry Birds.
Themesong: Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea

She's a talker, and she does tend to get along with most. She's happy and outgoing, but if there is someone who she doesn't like, well she will avoid them for the most part.

RP Hooks
  • Do you have something in town that would catch her eye?
  • Rooftop gardens/Pool/Hot Tubs might get raided.
  • Gossip? Information? Fun Stuff!
  • Aldulfr - Boyfriend. Great guy. I really like him. Maybe more than just like. He said the L-word to me! I hope that he doesn't ever listen to the people who don't like what I am.
  • Enola - Bestie! Hugs and kisses and cuddling. She keeps me company so I don't have to feel alone
  • Ella - Well....You were a good friend until you stopped ever wanting to hang out.
  • Ekta - For a kitty she is really nice. And I like her.
  • Sora - She is really cool. I like her too.
  • Elijah - Two words: Angry Birds!
  • Malcolm - Okay guy. Don' know him all that well.
  • Donovan - He was okay, then h stopped liking me when I started dating Duff.
  • Velasco - I call him Stick-up-the-Butt
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