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Aint no party like a Donal Flannigan party.
Donal Flannigan

xxxxx Donal is a work hard to play harder kind of guy. His family moved him to the US New York in particular from Cork Ireland when he was five years old. He lived there for a long while picked on and bullied he turned to music And to his surprise he was quite good at it. He continued to pursue music all through out his schooling and in his sophomore year an accident with a faulty amplifier caused him to go deaf at 16. He channeled the anger at the world and his deafness into his music giving the Irish folk music he played a more hard rock or heavy metal sound. At 18 he graduated and started playing gigs at the local bars and clubs, it was there that a talent scout for a record label saw him and shortly after he was signed to a contract. Donal spent the next three years making albums and touring all over the US and back home in Ireland, during this time he wanted a change and took off to find a home of his own. He wound up here in Pokoh's Peak Colorado and bought a house to live somewhat off the grid. However he will still tour and record its what he loves and is paid to do after all.

RP Hooks

  • Hook 1: Music: Donals a famous recording artist who plays mostly Irish folk music or Irish folk music in a rock and roll variant. Maybe youve heard of him or maybe your a fan, possibly even want guitar lessons or singing lessons hes your guy.
  • Hook 2: Partier: Donal loves a good party drinking and revelry those are his big things and boy does he love to sing and tell tales. Perhaps you like a good story or good music? Possibly want an amazing party hit Donal up.
  • Hook 3: Fighting: When Donal gets to drinking to much that famous Irish temper of his flairs up and he wants to pick a fight.
  • Hook 4: Deaf: Donal went deaf at 16 due to an accident with an amplifier. Do you speak ASL? Do you need to learn it? Donals the guy to see for it.


There are only two types of people in this world the Irish. And those that wish they were.

Robin – A Bonnie lass ta be sure. She be a sweet girl an' fun ta talk to Oi'll take care o' her an' protect her as long as Oi be able ta. Oi cannae help meself bu' to be koind to this sweet young lass bought 'er new shoes an' gave 'er me jacket Oi did.
Tully – Another Bonnie lass tha' Oi 'ave the pleasure o' callin' me friend. She be sweet an' always be thinkin' o' others before herself. Shes a real good one an' Oi'll take care o' her as long as Oi be able ta. A sparklin' emerald in the darkness she be.
Skribbles - A lovely if'n a bi' shy lass she be originally from across the pond as well though she may be Sco'ish an' no' Irish shes still a great person, Oi be teasin' the Scots are a great bunch o' people.
Stardust - A noice Lass though she be a thief, she means well an' tha's wha' coun's could be a great friend gotta ge' ta know 'er more though. Though she needs ta keep 'er 'ands out o' me pockets Oi'll be doin' wha' Oi can ta help 'er out.
Alexis - An honorable and noble lass she be, an' a good friend ta 'ave in yer corner Oi liker well enough we'll see how good o' friends we can be.
Nuru - Wise an' just, she seems loike a nice enough person Oi donnae know her tha' well though.
Maeve -In'erestin' woman she be knowin' me music an' seems ta like it time will tell wi'h 'er Oi donnae know enough abou' 'er ta like or no' like trus' or no' trus' her.
Michaela - Strong bu' blunt an' straight ta the poin' she can be a bi' brash an' abrasive bu' she be tellin' ye' how it is.
Tabitha - Kind an' polite she seems like a sweet lass an' friendly a' that.
Brian - A fellow Irishman who enjoys music drinkin' an' a good party Oi like this Lad he be good in my book American Irish is still bein Irish.
Grady - Another Irishman straigh' from home he be Oi donnae know him well bu' hes interestin' ta be sayin' the least.
Eamonn - An enigma ta me he be a man o' few words or so he be seemin' though he seems wise an' friendly enough. Oi be needin' ta get to know him be'er.
YT - A bonnie lass, she runs the comic shop in town. She can be ge'in me the rare gems Oi be wantin' fer me collection. Shes nice an' fun to talk to. Oh an' she be makin' 'er own comics.
Kori - A sweet lass an' mother, she be Brians girl and she wanted ta learn sign language from me. Who knew shes a fan an' a pre'y big one a' tha'.
Betsy - A kind gen'le soul always wan's ta be feedin' people.
Donovan - bard o' the court theres somethin' off abou' 'im 'e makes me uncomfortable punched me 'e did an' willnae train me ta be a bard.
Keely - A bonnie lass she is an' a fan o' mine 'ad me sign 'er knickers 'ope ta ge' ta knoe 'er be'er she seems swee' enough.



Played By: Jake Hold.

Apparent Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Hair/Eyes: Red hair and Green eyes.

Occupation: Musician
Legacy Rogue