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<br><br><font style="color: #000000; font-size: 80pt; font-family: Harrington; 2px 2px 2px">Donovan</font><br><br>
<br><br><font style="color: #000000; font-size: 80pt; font-family: Imprint MT Shadow; 2px 2px 2px">Donovan</font><br><br>
<font style="font-size:14pt"><center>''"I have to say something witty here, don't I."''</center></font><br>
<font style="font-size:14pt"><center>''"I have to say something witty here, don't I."''</center></font><br>

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"I have to say something witty here, don't I."

"Ugh, why isn't this border lining up with the other one?"
Name: Donovan McGowan
Nicknames: Don, Donnie, Mac, Mick
Birthdate: February 2, 1992
Occupation: Whitesmith, Artist
Nationality: American
Hometown: Winthrop, Massachusetts
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Competitor


Donovan McGowan is a transplant from the East Coast: he comes to Pokoh's Peak by way of Massachusetts, West Virginia, another trek north to Pennsylvania, and then he moved westward. He and a few friends (and relatives) work at and share ownership of Dragon's Forge, a custom metalworkshop at the eastern edge of town. Everyone there seems to have a different specialization; Donovan himself is a dedicated white- and redsmith rather than a blacksmith, although he has worked on other commissions as well, including gold, steel, and even a recent venture (and investment) into working titanium.

His reputation around town, such as it is, is as a generally amiable and possibly frivolous persona who sometimes broods and gets downright growly when he starts losing sleep. But he loves to hang at bars and taverns both buying rounds and accepting them, occasionally busting out a guitar -- or a few dance moves.

RP Hooks
  • Smith! He makes stuff! Useful stuff! Useful, albeit simple, stuff! Also, decorative stuff! Want to buy a thing?
  • Sculptor! He makes stuff! Artistic stuff! It's usually along the lines of metallic bricolage, but he can be more versatile. Want to commission a thing?
  • Alcohol! He drinks it! Legally! It's fun! And sometimes problematic! If feeling tame, he does coffee and tea, too!
  • Sports! He plays them! Mostly because he can be cajoled into a little friendly rivalry and it gives him a chance to show off. It's fun! And sometimes problematic!
  • Music! He likes it! Dueling banjos, karaoke or hitting the dance floor, he's probably up for it!
  • Fighting! He likes it! And this is also problematic! Combine with alcohol, and sometimes music if you want some interesting percussion!
  • Athletics! He came this close to qualifying for American Ninja Warrior, and maintains a rigorous lifestyle. Hiking? Running? Climbing? Let's!
Friends, Enemies, and Everything in Between
  • Wenquian: Solid. Dependable. Mind like a steel trap. A good right hand "man." No. The best.
  • Amunet: High Octane Ammy. My sis.
  • Cameron: Ugly bastard. Thanks for making me look good, haha! Best wingman ever.
  • Velasco: Legacy and lesson: don't let it go to waste.
  • Ouray: Someone buy this man a dictionary!
  • Jasmine: I can't help but wonder what's under the veil. Good luck with your new husband.
  • Iz: I've met few people more self-important. Most of them were inbred.
  • Ashley: We do not speak the betrayer's name.
  • Annabelle: I keep wanting to trust, to relax, to smile. But I know I can never be fully at ease. Are your friends really such?
  • Ella: Good luck.
  • Darla: She loves to thrust her spear and riddle folks with her shafts!
  • Levi: The branch has withered; the fruit is rotten; it fell.
  • Andre: Thug life. Rar. He's pulled some pretty impressive stunts, and is no bad friend to have.
  • Dix: No accounting for taste, I guess! Ha! I like you; you could've been my little sister.
  • JohnT: You meant well by your family, I think. But not by another's.
  • Aldulfr: I'll never forget what you did: made a mockery of everything. If the wheel allows it, come back with all your priorities lined up.
  • Itsy: Bugfuck batshit crazy. Our laws have something to say about that.
  • Elijah: Have you started to settle? Have you started to visibly contribute? I hope so. Maybe you can redeem the others.
  • Molly: Did those years apart change you all that much?
  • Sofia: You finally grew a pair! Welcome, bro! Ha!
  • Christy: People accuse me of being frivolous and casual. They should meet you. Die in a fire of your own making.
  • Neena: You seem overwhelmed. I'd offer to help, but I think I'd overwhelm you.
  • Liam: Smart guy. Solid. Dependable. Generous. Subtly skilled.
  • Delilah: Will you have your head on straight, now? Will you be of any use?
  • Nuru: Refuge. Anchor. Friend. Lover. Wife.
  • Harley: Just remember: it's fine to spit on our betters as long as we treat the lessers well!
  • Miko: Who? Oh, right. She came back. I think.
  • Jolon: Three words: Arm. Wrestling. Competitions. Okay, a few more: he's got your back.
  • Percival: A goth...boi? Seems a nice enough kid. What happens when he crashes from the sugar rush?
  • Enola: So when're we gonna hear a song?
  • Billy: Sometimes I wrack my brain trying to figure out why you did what you did; then you turn around and have my back. My brain hurts.
  • One: Can you get your point across without turning into a fucktard everyone wants to murder? Go on. Try it. Even I managed it.
  • Cali: Everything that you'd expect.
  • Diamond: I... what?
  • Felipe: Totally not creepy behavior at all, man.
  • Alexander: You could embody all that's brave and good and noble. When will you?
  • Maeve: Let's see what happens when you turn that venom on an actual enemy...
  • Dawn: Your existence is supposed to give me hope. Your alliances give me indigestion.
  • Grace: You know those cop shows where the policewomen are just too damn pretty? It ain't all in Hollywood.
  • Jacob: Solidly intelligent, which means he has more going for him than a lot of others.
  • Maya: Thank you for your aid. You are a credit to your race.
  • Rafferty: I can't figure you out. Do I want to? And yet, we are brothers.
  • Teegan: If you're all that powerful, where's the evidence of it?
  • Soot: Stop messing around with the wrong people. Own yourself.
  • Polk: I was right! You were as useful as your sisters! Good riddance.
  • Martin: You know an awful lot. I bet it makes for an awesome story. Or a friggin' anthology.
  • Ainsley: My condolences. I mean. Uh. Congratulations!
  • Ayala: I've liked what I've seen; I don't always like what I hear. I suppose that makes us alike.
  • Ila: Rainbow Dim. Maybe your "friend" has some redeeming qualities. Do you?
  • Beau: As naive, inquisitive, and helpful as one might expect. It's refreshing.
  • Rain: Such a weaselly understanding of language suggests you're lying about your birth.
  • Hollar: Some folks got fancy pants. This guy's got fancy gloves.
  • Zeke: Stand upwind and catch his antics on your cell.
  • Enya: A spark, an ember, a flame, a pyre, a pile of ash.
  • Selena: *swat*
  • Addison: I really hope you're not like all the rest.
  • Harry: Look up "useless" in the dictionary to find him. So glad he got that transfer on daddy's paycheck. Toodles, you whiny little dilettante twat.
  • AngelaMaria: I know a good vocal coach...
  • Danny: Loud noises! Heh, heh, heh...
  • Cody: Is this what happens when worlds collide? Will it work? I think it might.
  • Erik: This. This is how it should be.
  • Kendra: A loss I cannot forget, nor cease to regret.
  • Saoirse: FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Gods, I've missed that accent.
  • Ayashe: Is there hope for your family? Are you it? Even I get tired of anger and weeping.
  • Chenoa: Will you ever tire of the "Uncle" joke? We don't even look anything alike! Keep doin' as you're doin'. Let's see how you turn out.
  • Alessandra: What's this? Gentle humor? Performing admirably from the get-go? A marvel!
  • Moira: Those chains might not be the gossamer ones you think they are. I hope one day you wake up and free yourself.
  • Jimmy: I think you may have overplayed your hand. We'll see. We'll see.
  • Miriam: Another credit to her kind.
  • Aneni: Does your twisted leg mean your handiwork is that much more beautiful? Sometimes it works out that way.
  • Roxanne: Everything I've seen and heard marks you a true elder worthy of respect. PS invite me to dinner. Please.
  • Karen: A wonder among wonders and a rare find. I really want to stick googly eyes on your specs though.
  • Kismet: There's no way I can fully trust. There's no way you should be so trusting, either. But here you are. To what end? Hnnn.
  • Lee: The posterchild for eugenics. A lobotomy would only be an improvement, because you can't cure stupid.
  • Kathryn: The only good one. Worth the time of day and then some.
  • Lacey: You have good ideas, and then you go wallowing in stupid crap. Literally. C'mon. Keep it together.
  • Jason: If you were a little less quick to shoot from the hip, you'd truly become something to be reckoned with.
  • Gaige: Counterbalance, but weird. As it should be, I guess? Keep it up, clever girl.
  • Nicki: D'aww...
  • Grayson: Do you really need to climb the ladder? You're so damn tall already. Fine, fine. Here you go. Here we go.
  • Mathias: First impressions last. Fist impressions last, too. Remember both of these.
  • Brian: Hm. I've seen you do some... silly... things. But you are earnest. That counts for a lot.
  • Gabrielle: Damn but it was satisfying when you finally STFU.
  • Georgie: He has a PUPPEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sebastion: You could be something. You're supposed to be. But you squander it.
  • Samira: Yay! Competence! I'VE WAITED SO LONG.
  • Christopher: You don't just shit in the woods. You are a piece of shit.
  • Eris: I don't want history to repeat itself. You don't, either. Trust me on this.
  • Eamonn: Bring popcorn. Bring popcorn everywhere.