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Biographical Data
Name: Dr. Dorian Banks, PhD
Birthdate: January 1, 1992
Occupation: Founder, Galathean Labs

Quote: "(something interesting)"
Themesong: (coming soon) - [1]

Whole Page is a Huge Work In Progress

Dr. Dorian Banks has recently relocated to the area after finishing his extended studies and post-graduate work in the MIT area.

RP Hooks
  • Technology: Dorian is fascinated by all things tech.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The focus of his studies and work for most of his life.
  • Engineer: Dorian likes to build robots. Makes a living out of it, as it turns out.
  • Custom Builds: Dorian is the founder of Galathean Labs, a company dedicated to building the most sophisticated and functional high end AI-driven robots.
  • Connor - Building big things.
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