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"Evil tracks us. It nukes everything in our vicinity: our family, our friends. It's time we put a name to what we really are and deal with it." - Supernatural

Biographical Data
Name: Drew Remington
Birthdate: 1989-Jan-24
Occupation: Antique and Oddity Dealer
Nationality: American
Nature:  ????
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker
Quote: Bitch

Sexy guy (the gals say it, so who am I to argue?) and can be seen mostly in an '86 Buick as a passenger with another guy, his brother (not as sexy, by the way). Deals with antiques and oddities but doesn't have a set storefront, so deal mostly by phone. Traveling salesman type without the usual slimy creep-fest.


+ Antiques and oddities, and anything related.

+ Seeking the Unusual. Does it go Bump In The Night? Yeeehawwww...

+ Women. Nuff said.


+ Shane - Life. And sometimes a pain in the ass.
+ AJ - Never forgotten. They are on my list, sweetheart.
+ Andrew - Similar thoughts, similar goals, different route to get there.

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