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Eamonn Carnegie

The gods alone live forever under the divine sun; but as for mankind, their days are numbered, all their activities will be nothing but wind.' - Ancient Sumarian Proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Eamonn K. Carnegie
Birthdate: Unknown
Occupation: Owner of a private Import and Export Business
Nationality: Scottish
Nature: Stately
Demeanor: Friendly and proper

Quote: True living requires challenges
Themesong: Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven

Eamonn is a stately gentleman that seems to be stuck in the past, though he is quite charitable and is known to help those in need. Otherwise, he is a private gentleman that lives alone in a manse.

RP Hooks
  • Eamonn has been known to invest in startup businesses
  • Eamonn has a love for art
  • Eamonn enjoys formal dancing
  • Eamonn is an avid reader
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