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"God Gives Us Each a Song." - Ute Proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Ella Petal Nipwaset
Nicknames: Petal, Fluttershy, Elliington, Dirty Katniss, Shorty, Kiddo, Patches, Dirty Katnip, Kat, Cleaning kin, Sprocket, Little Wing, Helen of Troy
Occupation: Waitress at the Wolves Mantel Tavern (but hasn't been showing up enough, caregiver to a large garden and expert in native Ute crafts
Nationality: Ute
Height: 4'10
Age: Legal for voting, not legal for drinking.

Father: Johnny Redlcoud Nipwaset - Deceased Ute with a temper, charm, a nose for trouble and a love of woman.
Mother LIly Nipwaset - Living, Ute, still mourning the loss of her husband, both to death and other women.
Siblings and half siblings Clint (11 years) , Johnny Redcloud # 2 (10 years) , Colt (9 years) , Jacob (7 years and deaf), Isaac (6 years) and Mary (5 yrs, frail health)




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Ella Petal Nipwaset is the older sister of a bunch of siblings and half siblings. She comes from a large and poor family on the Ute rez. Her dad is dead and her mom is a mess. She is known for having been granted an impressive piece of land on the reservation by her tribe, where she is cares for a garden complete with rare plants. She also is known to as expert in Ute crafts.

RP Hooks
  • Ute - She speaks the language, lives on the rez and has a big family.
  • Wolves Tavern - Ella waitresses here
  • Arts and Crafts - Traditional Ute Crafts
  • Katniss - Ella wants to be her. She is a long way off!
  • Languages - Ella studies them and speaks several of them. She wants to learn more. She focuses on Native American languages.
  • Skylanders! - Ella has a lot of brothers, they love skylanders and secretly so does she.
  • Gardening - Ella has a large garden on her ranch, that includes some hard to find trees.
  • Animals - Ella is good with them.
  • Cody - The Good Doctor. I see hope in his arrival.
  • Beau - A true healer.
  • Velasco - I am numb. I don't know how to come terms with what has happened to us all.
  • Ila - Sister and roommate. I am hoping you recover.
  • Sofia - Words and Wallflowering. My friend.
  • Ouray - Stealth and Sass. My kin.
  • Liam - Sanity and Supper. My boss.
  • Raven - Native wisdom and calm. My friend.
  • Malcolm - Wise and foolish, stronge and weak, I find myself still liking you.
  • Andre - The gangster. Not one to fuck with and not one to let anyone fuck with what is his.
  • Darla - The awesome bitch.
  • Aldulfr - I will never forget you and what you gave us and how you were there for me. I miss you already.
  • Molly - The siren for a Winter's night. Leader in the dark. Steel behind the rags.
  • Elijah - I believe you are here to stay. Thank you for words of advice.
  • Sora - The pale bird has flown away.
  • Erin - Well this is unfortunate
  • Ekta - Ute! Real, warm and friendly. She makes good tea.
  • Dawn - A mountain of a woman.
  • Maya - Classy, self-controlled, beautiful and badass.
  • Neena - Sweet and talented and seemingly MIA.
  • Iz - Priest from another land, on a path of wisdom.
  • River - Intelligent and graceful. Where have you gone?
  • Darius - River's ex-husband. A complicated and dangerous man.
  • Delilah - I am sorry you lost him. Sorry you have suffered so much
  • Tsukiko - Wise, impish and fun! Miss you.
  • Donovan - Pain and Poems. I survived bites, can survive your bark.
  • Wenquian - Self-controlled and honorable
  • Ashley - There are no words I can speak out loud to expression how I feel.
  • Joe - We mostly drifted apart. But he still return to give me petals
  • Jolon - A protective giant with a big heart.
  • Amunet - Very pretty for a warrior, but she still still badass, gone from this sept.
  • Cameron - Ugly shaman.
  • Musaphir - Always helps in time of need and doesn't ask for return favors
  • Polk -Brave and useful
  • Gavin - In the distance, I think you might still be there.
  • Itsy - Emotional and childlike, but wielding great power.
  • Annabelle - The Princess will forever be in another castle
  • Ainsley - Beautiful and pulled together.
  • Revi - Cute and spunky
  • Ayala - Adorable and playful
  • Jacob - A leader who teaches and welcomes.
  • Harley - I see brightness that is not just from the red hair.
  • One - Fearful of actions yet quite brave of words.
  • Rain - You brought us the rabbit and came to check on us, thank you.
  • Mircea - I try to keep my distance
  • Harry Stratton - Wealthy with things like skies and Chinese food
  • Erik - Fury kept calm. Power tempered with wisdom.
  • Jay- I have kept you at a distance, it is for your own good.
  • Dix - Andre's mate, seems spunky, probably a badass.
  • Wade -A friend on the rez.
  • Tiffany - A fake white Ute causing trouble on the rez.
  • Chenoa - A woman who keeps the old ways


  • Mary Nipwaset - Ella's youngest sister, five year old, frail and yet much sweeter than Ella. (Uktena kinfolk)
  • Billy - I am still loyal, but path is painful
  • Alice- Chango's sister. A lot nicer than him!
  • Johnny - Ella's third cousin, the one with the crappy truck. (Mortal)
  • Granny Aspen - Ella's Great grandmother, wise and stubborn.
  • Borris - He is a hard man, but a good man.
  • Baneberry - He is one who tried to save me, I will remember that.
  • Jackson - What is broken and doesn't die, might be healed. No Monopoly in the sky for me yet, ass.
  • Ahanu - Ute tribal leader. Protects the fake white ute over his own people.
  • Singing White Bird - Ahanu's cousin, another protect for the fake white Ute.
  • Short-Face Bear - We are both marked by Rowan and connected by such.
  • Rowan - A mark is still. A danger is calmed. Even you are gone, I hear your call and keep your seedlings.
  • Arther - Seems a good man of a calm temperament.
  • Uktena - I gave you so many secrets. I search for more. I yearn for more. Always more. There is a little of you in me.
  • Clint - Now you are my brother, toting skylanders, making trouble. Does the man of the future curse me, Bless me?