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Biographical Data
EmilyRose 11.jpg
Name: Emily Rose Matthews
Birthdate: October 5th
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Nationality: American
Nature: Confidant
Demeanor: Visionary

Themesong: "I Wanna Fall In Love"

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Emily ended up in the mid-west for a few years, and then moved to Nashville after high school to pursue her burgeoning songwriting career. She has been working clubs around the country as a singer, bouncing from town to town for years now. Tired of that hassle, especially since she looks so young, it is time to settle down away from issues she left behind in Nashville. Thankfully, her songwriting career has blossomed well, even though she only accepts payment for her work, not credit. She prefers anonymity with that.

RP Hooks
  • Singer: Tired of working the club circut, Emily has not lost her love to play/sing, but she is done with traveling for a good long while. Need someone to perform a few sets? She's your girl.
  • Songwriter: Got a good story? She would love to hear about. Real stories make the best songs
  • Running Away: She's been running for years from abusive ex.
  • Lost Love: Her first love/high school boyfriend disappeared and has fueled many of her songs that became hits for other artists. She's never forgotten him, or that small town in Ohio she lived in for a short time where they met.
  • Jean-Jacques: You have faith in me I did not expect. I will endeavor to live up to it.
  • LeSeur: Thank you for your welcome here.
  • Jacen: My Cowboy...love the hat. Sit and stay awhile.
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