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Erik Larsen

"Be slow to anger and deliberate of action. However, when moved to violence, strike hard and win at all cost."

—Old Norse Saying

Date of Birth: August 28th
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: None

At a glance

  • Proud and graceful
  • Intimidating and unsettling.



xxxxx A young man, at a glance in his early to mid twenties. His facial features are thick and strong while his body type is lithe and sinewy. His dark red hair is tied back tightly into a ponytail that rests against his upper back. Both eyes are striking deep pools of bombardier blue. His nose thick and long, his narrow lips that tilt easily into a brilliant smile or a terrifying snarl. Both expressions would show off his straight and brilliantly white teeth. He has a very well trimmed beard and mustache that slides up into his sideburns. He is fairly tall, just a couple inches above six feet, and the lean powerful look continues throughout the rest of his frame.


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