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"This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang, but a whimper." - T.S. Eliot

Biographical Data
Name: Evan Eliot
Nature: Traditionalist
Demeanor: Confidant

Quote: "Yes, sir."
Themesong: Sergei Rachmaninoff - Vocalise

At first glance, Evan is a poor, possibly even homeless teenager, sick with a nasty, chronic cough. But he's a bizarre study in contrasts -- he speaks with a well bred, posh British accent, and he talks like someone who received an expensive classical education, someone far older than his apparent years. A talented musician who is comfortable with performing for friends and even strangers, he nevertheless shies away from the very idea of getting on a stage. He has the beaten down honest air of someone who's just too weary with life to lie and yet... surely not everything about the way that he appears can be true.

RP Hooks
  • Evan is a skilled musician who plays the piano and the flute. Do you like music? Do you want to jam? He won't get on a stage, but he's happy to play for or with others.
  • He's so thin, so washed out, and that cough... clearly, Evan is practically begging to be mothered.
  • Speak poor English? Miss conversing in your mother tongue? Like every accomplished young gentleman, Evan speaks several languages. Try him, he might know yours.
  • What the hell is someone who talks like that and looks like that doing on the streets, anyway? If you're a tough as nails homeless kid or street thug, you should come harass him and find out.
  • Alexander - I know his kind well enough never to lower my guard.
  • Andre - A businessman is a businessman, no matter how morally objectionable his business might be.
  • Cali - She stands on the edge of dark waters, and I do not know how well she can swim.
  • Cody - A kindred spirit found in the most unexpected of places.
  • Hideaki - Given the way he talks to me about other people, sometimes I wonder what he says to other people about me.
  • Isaac - I was blind not to see until it was too late where things stand with him.
  • Jacob - I have trusted few the way that I trust him.
  • John - He neither asked for, nor wanted the situation he finds himself in now. In that, we have more in common than it might seem.
  • Jolon - I can always count on him to do the honorable thing.
  • LeSeur - I'm coming to see that many of the assumptions that I made about him when we met first are incorrect.
  • Roxanne - Wisdom is not always a subtle thing.
  • Soot - She is more complicated than she seems... and more dangerous.
  • Sharp - As a man, he is detestable. As a leader, he is necessary.
  • Taylor - I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something...
  • Miriam - She is younger and more headstrong than she realizes.
  • The Molly - We have chosen to take very different paths; I hope that I am wrong about where hers will end.
  • Andrea - It is better that she left before this city had the chance to make its mark on her.
  • Christy - I suppose she was always too good to be true.
  • Darius - If one chooses to play with fire, one cannot expect but to be burned.
  • Justice - She never could have been other than what she was, I suppose. It seems like a waste.
  • Katherine - Something about her reminds me of home. I miss her, but I must keep my distance.
  • Mae - She reminded me of things best left forgotten. Now I must once again try to forget.
  • Maya - Pokoh's Peak will be a colder place without her.
  • Neena - She had a shadowed spirit, but what could I do, when I am little more than a shadow, myself? Now she is gone, and I feel as though I have failed her.
  • Percival - He was a true innocent. The world was not kind.