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Faisal Mehsud
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Public Information

Common -Mage Only- Information
Faisal Mehsud is a powerfully built man in his early forties. He is bearded and has close-cropped black hair that is graying at the temples. He dresses in nondescript clothing, amplifying his natural Arcane.

He is considered a brutal teacher and is known for his scathing attitude toward the body of students at the chantry. He has especial disdain for those he considers products of corrupt, decadent Western culture, and he is not shy about speaking his mind nor is he reluctant to use punishment on those who talk back to him. He teaches combat and magickal ethics.

It is rumored that he has given the Good Death to several failed students who disgraced themselves in particularly spectacular ways, though given the fact that the Euthanatos promised never to give the Good Death to members of other traditions, the rumors are probably not true. He is known to almost never leave the chantry without being cloaked in protective and stealth spells.

Name Faisal Mehsud
Occupation Instructor
Nature Martyr
Demeanor Curmudgeon
Height xx
Weight xx
Eye Color xx
Hair Color xx
Apparent Age Mid 40s