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When i was your age they would say we could become cops or criminals...What i am saying to you is this...When you are facing a loaded gun, whats the difference? - Frank Costello

Biographical Data
Name: Faithe Chen
Birthdate: Are you calling me old?
Occupation: Seeking opportunities
Nationality: Chinese American
Nature: Stop trying to look into my soul.
Demeanor: Rebel

Quote: ... and stay down..
Themesong: Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

A newcomer to Pokoh's Peak, often seen in the seedier parts of town and keeping with dubious company. She is a motorcycle enthusiast and can also be seen during gatherings of the sort.

RP Hooks

Do you like fightin', because she loves to do so. She trains at a local gym, we can be training buddies!

She rides a bike and is quite the enthusiast, even known to take a bet or two and being into underground racing, so you have a bike yourself or like talking about them give her a nudge.

Shady or criminal characters are welcome to come deal with Faithe, For the right price of course.


John - My oak tree that kept me sane in these empty nights. Just don't let the others cut your branches, old man.

Taylor - Now I see why you appear to understand me so well.

Calamity - I owe you my existence. I will repay it one night.

Tye - Tough mudafucka in da hood, yo.

Hideaki - Step up, man. I mean, yer highness.

Magdalena - Remember to clean yer browser history.

Carlotina - One of those friends you find in the most unexpected of places. Don't let this town ruin you.

Adalina - Such a sweet auntie...

Wyatt - Curiosity killed the cat.

Silvia - Caress ya with one hand, stab with the other? We'll see.

Zora - An historian? No, thank you!

Ekta - Pussycat doll.

Keith - It's bein' fun, Point Break.

Jean Jacques Saint Fleur - Euro fop? At least ya got da name fer it.

Ian - You look saner than the other ones, but then again....

Jacob - Next time I am takin' off the kiddy gloves.

Kinsey - The yung grasshopper.

Chester - Hero.

Asher - Careful that you don't bite on more than you can chew.

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