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Stay tuned..

RP Hooks
  • Occult: One of her main interests.
  • New Age: She's interested in all things New Age, Wiccan, etc.
  • Green: Not weed. Well, okay. Maybe that, too, but Fern is very much about the green movement. We have to take care of the only Earth we have.
  • Sustainability: Fern specializes in working with construction companies and architects on eco-friendly, sustainable projects.

  • A place to do volunteer work at, such as a women's shelter.
  • Community gardens in need of some help.
  • Like-minded people who are into witchy things.
  • Brea - What the hell was that?
  • Kori - I'd dance under the moon with you any time.
  • Taya - Easily defeated by Twinkies.
  • Juke - Sugar and sunshine Best friend.
  • Khoi - A mess, but I like him.
  • Lyra - Seems alright so far. Big ideas in that head of hers.
  • Xander - Bouncy#2. Good kid. Love this guy Accurate
  • Nic - He's growing on me.
  • JD - This guy. Holy fuck. I hope he teaches me to shoot a gun.
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Name Fern Larsen
Occupation Construction Forewoman
Nature Architect
Demeanor Defender
Height 5'6"
Weight 150ish
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Apparent Age Mid 20s
Soundtrack Sisters of the Moon
Eyes On Fire
Running with the Wolves