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  • IC Fetish Creation Process: The creator of the fetish must have the necessary Rites (Rite of Cleansing, Rite of Summoning, and Rite of the Fetish) and a reasonable basis for the IC knowledge and capability of creating the fetish (such as making fetishes appropriate to their rank, plus lores: see below).
  • OOC Fetish Creation Process: Send in sphere request by typing +srequest Fetish: (Name Of Fetish) = (Fetish Information), filling out the fetish creation form below. You will need to post several rolls detailed below, such as for the Rites, and may do this either by rolling to the +job itself, or in a scene with staff witnessing
  • Limitations: We allow players to obtain, create and design fetishes up to level 4 and we limit knowledge of fetishes by lores (see below).

Acquiring A Fetish

Fetish Creation +Request

When you want a fetish, please insert the following form into a +request. Fields marked with (*) are optional for fetishes that are in books (as we can get the information from the book) but strictly required for original fetishes. Fields marked with (**) are optional for original fetishes (the information in the books will be used for existing fetishes). For creating new, original fetishes, please note that you require Spirit Lore 4 or higher.

  • Name of Fetish: If you are creating an existing fetish, then include the book and page number.
  • Recipient: Who is going to own it? They will be the ones purchasing this fetish with XP.
  • Level(*): Highest level we accept is 4. This will ultimately be determined by staff, but feel free to suggest it.
  • Gnosis(*): This will ultimately be determined by staff, but feel free to suggest it.
  • Effect(*): What mechanical effect do you want this fetish to have?
  • Spirit(*): What type and level of spirit do you intend to use to empower this fetish?
  • Taboos(**): Adding a taboo will reduce the difficulty of Rite of the Fetish by 1.
  • Appearance: A physical description of the item you will make a fetish out of.
  • Obtaining: A description of how you are obtaining the vessel (are you finding it or crafting it?) If you are searching for it, please furnish a detailed IC description.
  • Location: Please designate where you will be performing the rituals to create a fetish. Keep in mind you must pierce the Gauntlt and/or be in the Penumbra to perform the Rite of Summoning.
  • Rite of Summoning: Please write a pose wherein your character appeals to the spirit to enter the vessel. Please also designate how much time they ICly dedicate to the summoning (and whether you wish to use Call To Duty).
  • Chiminage: What are you offering the spirit to empower your fetish? For information on spirits, refer to W:tA, Corebook, Revised, page 234. If you are still OOCly uncertain, simply tell staff and roll intelligence + spirit-lore vs 6 to the resulting +job. Staff wil advise you according to your successes.

Fetish Dicerolls

Once you've submitted your request, you will receive a +myjob number. Please wait for staff input, as they will tell you the specific details for the rolls to come. Once you get this information, you will be using the +roll/job <#> = <stat> + <stat> vs <difficulty> command to post rolls to the job or else ask a staffer to witness the rolls in a scene. You may burn Willpower for an automatic success on each and every one of the following rolls. They will concern the following, in order:

  • Obtaining The Vessel: You will need to ICly furnish an item that will become the fetish. If you have not ICly done so already, you can perform a crafting roll or a search roll.
    • Crafting: You will need to create an object of high quality (7 successes on a crafting roll). Crafting rolls are handled on a case-by-case basis (blacksmithing is a different process than weaving, etc) and will need to be negotiated on the +job with your Storyteller.
    • Searching: You may find the appropriate item off-screen. The most likely roll will be an intelligence + investigation vs 7. Depending on your IC method of search, the storyteller may have you roll something else. You require two successes regardless of the roll. Note that you still will have to furnish an IC method of obtaining the item you found (which can be as simple as buying it, but you will still need to make an IC decision on how to get your hands on it).
  • Rite Of Cleansing: Charisma + Rituals, difficulty depends on the vessel.
  • Research: To aid you in the performance of Rite Of The Fetish, you can optionally submit a Research roll: intelligence + spirit-lore vs 8. If you have dots of Mentor or Kinfolk, you can roll Intelligence + Mentor or Intelligence + Kinfolk instead.
  • Entering The Penumbra: Some step sideways naturally, some need further accommodations to enter the Penumbra. Expect staff to have you roll as appropriate to your character's methods before performing the Rite of Summoning.
  • Rite Of Summoning: This is a Gnosis roll with a variable difficulty determined by your answer on the Rite Of Summoning section of the +request form.
  • Appeals: Your character is going to attempt to persuade the spirit into supporting your cause. This is a Charisma-based roll with a skill and difficulty determined by your answer on the Rite of Summoning section of the +request form.
  • Call To Duty: If using Call To Duty, you will be asked to roll Charisma + Leadership (difficulty equal to the spirit's Willpower).
  • Rite Of The Fetish: Wits + Rituals, usually Difficulty 10, however the difficulty of this roll may be reduced by the results of your Research roll, Appeals roll, Call To Duty (if used), and/or offering a vessel of exceptional quality. You can sacrifice permanent points of Gnosis to reduce the difficulty of Rite of Fetish by one per point. Simply state that you wish to do this.

Alternative Methods

  • The Beatdown Method: Though you still will need to use the Rite Of The Fetish and fill the same form, you can literally beat a spirit into submission (note that this is dishonorable, perhaps appropriate for banes, although the use of banes in a fetish comes with its own consequences and politics) and force it into the vessel. This will require a scene but is doable. Submit the same form as above, and in the Rite of Summoning section, instead designate that you're going to use the beatdown method. We'll carry on in a scene from there.
  • Fetish through Plot +Request: You may submit a +request to have a storyline focusing attention on the acquiring of an already existing fetish, such as stealing it from another PC/NPC, finding it in a treasure horde, acquiring it through honorable challenge, et cetera. There is no single path to acquiring a fetish in this manner. The plot and its requirements are up to your Storyteller, and there is no guarantee you will get what you want. Your request may also be denied if certain conditions are not met. The bigger and badder the fetish, the harder it will be to acquire.

Miscellaneous Rules

You may only carry as many Fetishes as you have Fetish Background points, but, if you exceed Fetish 5, the number of Fetish Background points you may have is tied to your Gnosis score in a 1:1 ratio. The maximum number of Fetish Background points is 10.

Once you activate a Fetish, it immediately becomes yours, except in special circumstances. This means you must purchase it immediately, but it also means that you can use the Fetish immediately, even in the middle of a combat scene.

If you enter a scene carrying more Fetishes than you have Fetish Background points (possible, but unlikely) you MUST declare which Fetishes you will be activating either at the beginning of the scene, or when combat or opposed rolls begin. The other Fetishes will remain inert for the duration of the scene.

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