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"The patient man is as a tree whose root runs deep as he waits for the sweet fruit.."

Gypsy Proverb

Georgie has come a long way from his first days in Pokoh, living on the street and taking work where he could find it. Horatio Alger would be proud. Georgie now owns his own business, I Spy. He maintains a home for the homeless and under-employed. He founded a charitable organization, Facing Forward, which has begun work with local churches to provide lots for community gardens. He seems to have endless plans for the betterment of his new home. When asked why, he explains that he was given a chance when he had nothing, and he wants to return the favor.
Rp Hooks

The Flop House
Community Service
Urban Redevelopment
He's very good with computers
Max, his beloved Komondor hound.

Mopdog.jpg       Puppy Max.jpg       Komondor3.jpg Komondor1.jpg

Name Georgie Roman
Occupation Up and coming entrepreneur and charitable fund-raiser
Nature Trickster
Demeanor Bon Vivant
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age Early 20's late teens.