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Sheltering Sky Vampire Staff focuses on stories which revolve around Vampire PCs. While your jobs and requests for scenes will never be ignored, the target of Vampire Sphere Plots will be Vampire.


The first step in the process begins with the submission of a character concept. To submit the concept, utilize +concept Vampire=<concept>. This concept is not required to be developed at this point, but you should put some thought into how it will perform on a MUSH environment. You should receive a response from vampire staff within 48 hours.


This questionnaire replaces what is required for your background. You may choose to do a traditional story background in ADDITION TO the questionnaire, however, it will not fulfill what I require for approval. Some players love to write short stories to demonstrate their characters. The problem with short stories is while they might give insight into your character, they are extraordinarily difficult to extract crucial information from, even if that information made it in at all. Thus, staff requires a new approach. Your application's background will be divided into nine parts, and you will provide the information that staff requests in them. You must be able to answer all these questions.

  • Please note: I DO NOT REVIEW APPLICATIONS BY +MAIL OR BY +JOB. I must get this information by e-mail, at


Basics: What is your Nature, Demeanor, date of birth and date of ghouling (year-day-month)?

Flaws and Merits: If your character has them, explain here.

Other Weaknesses and Strengths: Besides any Flaws and Merits, what are the weaknesses and strengths in your characters personality and aptitudes?

Character Concept: Give a 2-3 word description.

Background Check Information:

Note: This section helps us set your jnotes.

1) ID's you possess (Drivers License, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)

2) Address listed on said ID's

3) Citizenship (if other than American) and immigration status.

4) If your phone number is listed or not

5) Criminal Record: If any

6) Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid

7) Source of Income (If you have Resources). How do you earn your resources if you don't have a job? If you have a job, what is it?

8) How much debt are you in, both monetary or boons?

9) Where is your residence(apartment, sewer, etc)

10) Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.


1) Where are you from, when were you born and what was your mortal job?

2) What are your feelings about your mortal life, looking back on it?

3) What are your Domitor's strengths or weaknesses?

4) Why did your Domitor ghoul you, and what is your relationship with your Domitor today?

5) Tell me about your Ghoul Education, if applicable.

6) Of which mortal organizations, if any, are you a member (ie: gangs, professional organizations etc)? Why?

7) What is your view on Mortal Mortality?

8) What is your characters attitude towards other vampires?

Specialties: Include for all stats at or above 4.

Include details (1 to 2 sentences):

Your Retainers, Contacts, Mentor, Equipment or anything unusual in backgrounds.
Begin to consider Stats for your Retainers, if applicable.


1) Create a chronology of your life. (Dates, locations, important situations.)

2) Describe in detail the goals of your character.

3) This is where you can include favorite songs, links to pictures, poems, your written background, in short, anything that you wish to add! This is OPTIONAL.

Email brief answers to the above questions, and review the guidelines in +sinfo stats based on the template the vampire staff suggest for you. Sound long and complicated? It's actually meant to help us see your character completely and save you time in having Jnotes set.

Congratulations, that's it!

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