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Grace Lyn Winters

"“If you run, you’ll only go to jail tired.”

Who She Is:
Name: Grace Lyn Winters
Nicknames: Gracie, Gra, Winters
Occupation: Police Officer for Pokoh's Police Department
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Nature: Bureaucrat
Demeanor: Alpha
Played By: Jenna Coleman
Birthdate: October 15th
Nationality: American

Father: Robert Winters: Denver Chief of Police
Mother: Susanne Winters: Criminal Justice Judge in Denver
Brother: James Winters: Lawyer in Denver

A Glimpse
Grace Lyn Winters was born and raised in Denver Colorado. She's lived there all her life till recently. She grew up in a family loyal to law enforcement. Her father is the current Chief of Police for the Denver PD while her mother is a respected judge of the criminal justice courts. There is even rumor that her brother is working on becoming the district attorney but who knows if he'll ever make it. Grace was transfers recently to Pokoh's Peak in order to grow in the PD without being under the shadow of her father. grace3_zps9uwpb2ps.jpg
  • Gabriel - I have not had the pleasure of your company in quite some time. You have a way of making me feel important in your investigations even though I am a beat cop and you are a deputy Sheriff. I miss those opportunities. You are intelligent and have a drive for your work. I admire you a great deal and feel honored you let me work with you.
  • Levi - You are gone from this town on your own way.
  • Simon - You have changed the way I view my life. You have challenged me and pushed me to limited I did not know I could over come. I am exposed to things that make me question my own logic it is frustrating, interesting and invigorating. I look forward to what I will learn next.
  • Thomas - You are different than any priest I have ever met but different is not always bad. I am glad to know you though you are a fading memory it would seem as you rarely reach out anymore.
  • Gwynith - I do not like to play games. Games are for children in school. However, I rise to the challenge you offer. I look forward to the lessons I will learn in how to play 'the game' you have begun for us.
  • Jameson - You seem welcoming but I have yet to work with you on any cases. I hope I will get to see your methods soon. You seem eager to help others further along their career though and that is admirable.
  • Donovan - You are a neighbor. I have seen you a time or two when I get my mail. Your face is appealing but your personality leads me to believe you use charm to make up for something else you lack or perhaps use it to disguise something you wish to hide.
  • Polk - You are an odd bird. I am an odd bird. I find you interesting. We shall see what is to come. Thank you for the sandwich.
  • Ekta - An employee at the Trade Winds. You seem to be kind. You are Mr. Polk's girlfriend I believe and are welcoming to those who enter the establishment. I shall return for another visit.
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Spartacus the Pomsky, Grace's new pet