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General Information

Grady O'Shea works for the city in the Department of Animal Control. He can be found nearly anywhere around town, hunting for strays, cleaning up road kill, and responding to wildlife complaints. The man appears to love his job. Due to his rather unorthodox behavior and poor grooming habits, it is clear he is a subcontractor. This means he only has a job because he saves the town money in benefits.

Height - 5'8"

Weight - 180-200 lbs.


Grady is the kind of person who spawns rumors without even trying. He is an unattractive, rude man who seems to take pleasure in a job that upsets most people. Even so, the rumors around Grady go beyond being just the town's aspiring curmudgeon. See below:

1. O'Shea is an alcoholic; he is always drinking from a flask, even when working. He must keep the job because of nepotism.

2. That guy is a creeper. Do you see the way he is always watching people, women and children especially.

3. My kid says this guy does horrible things to the stray dogs; I think he is part a dog-fighting ring.

4. My grandmother saw him in a parking lot and kept insisting the bum is a successful writer; she is getting senile.

5. I swear to God, I saw him go down a dead-end alley, and when I passed it, he wasn't in there. It was like he vanished.

6. They must pay dogcatchers a fortune. I saw that guy order enough for ten people at a McDonalds and sit there eating it all himself. He even paid cash, holding up the line like a jerk counting out bills from a gold money-clip.

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Grady Seamus O'Shea


RP Preferences

I prefer to stay in character, as immersive as possible. The World of Darkness is a very different place from our world. I believe that adult, professional Players should be able to keep IC and OOC angst separate. We should be able to be the best of friends in the real world, even if our characters are deadly enemies. If you can't keep the line between your character and yourself distinct, this isn't the right hobby for you. I look forward to meeting you as Grady O'Shea.

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