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Griffin Wallis

Biographical Data
Name: Griff
App Age: Twenties
Occupation: Historian
Nationality: A little of this and that
Entertainment: Night Life

Quote: "Everyone you fight is not your Enemy, and everyone that helps you is not your Friend." -Mike Tyson

Not much to tell here. Been around for awhile. Seen shit I didn't like, and seen shit I enjoyed. And some of it I did. One thing that flips my switch though is human slavery. That is OUT of bounds, and in the past, anyone I found doing THAT, found that out real fast. They can attest to that...or maybe not. You a medium? Give them a chat. Otherwise, I like apple pie, walks in the park and kittens. If you believe that, I got a car to sell ya, cash money, and I'll get ya the title next month.


* Georgie: Kid's got a good head on his shoulders.
* Tye: Bro by another mother.
* Niyah: Freedom lover with a fuckin attitude.
* Meyer: Strong bitch. Still ain't figured you out.
* Lugo: Lesson learned: independence is a two-edged sword.