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Harley St. Germaine
"How can we look up at the stars, when our own home suffers so greatly. Fix the house first, and then we can think of visiting another."


A graduate in Mechanical Engineer, she worked at NASA in Houston designing various items for the space agency. For an unknown reason she left the agency and is now operating her own company in Denver. She is skilled in designing machinery, as well as working on her computer. She is also not that bad with geek trivia.
People She Knows
Annabelle - Practically a sister to her
Sofia - Quiet, quirky, awesome
Donovan - Talks a lot...A LOT
Wenquian - I saw her smile once, it was terrifying
Roxanne - A sister in engineering, long talks about big machines
More to come
Hobbies (RP Hooks)
Computers - Can never go wrong here
Geek Stuff - From A to Z, it's all geek to me
Engineering - Her passion in life.
Food - The real way to a girls heart
Space - the final frontier
Beer - The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems.
A few of me
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Name Harley St. Germaine
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Nature Mechanic
Demeanor Teacher
Height 5'07
Weight 140
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Apparent Age 25