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Harry Stratton

"Always Go Forward. Going Straight will get you Nowhere" -Green Day


Name: Harold W Stratton IV
Occupation: Student/Rich Playboy
Nature: Competitor
Demeanor: Gallant
Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1997
Height/Weight: 5'9" 150#
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Blue
Theme Song: "My Life" -Billy Joel

Gratuitous Self Promotion
He's Rich. He's Handsome. He's Witty, Charming, Cultured, Clever, Exciting... Did I mention Handsome? Panties wet yet, ladies? Harry grew up in the ritzy Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. His family are so entrenched, aristocratic, Liberal-Old-Money that it is said his great-grandfather once, in the vernacular of the time, referred to the Kennedys as 'wannabe Strattons'. His father is a prominent political lobbyist, his firm specializing in pushing for environmental and anti-Global Warming legislation. It was not unusual when he was growing up for the likes of Al and Tipper Gore to be at his house for cocktails. He apparently went to an exclusive boarding school, and went to Georgetown University for a semester, then for reasons unknown did not register for another and up and moved to Colorado. He is planning on attending the local University this fall.

RP Hooks

  • Sphere stuff of course first and foremost
  • University. He's Pre Law. Or Poly Sci. Or something like that, whichever seems more impressive to you. Looking for the best party frat.
  • Extreme Sports. Skiing. Kayaking. Fencing. Rock Climbing. Bungee Jumping. Parasailing. Some combination of any 2 or more of these at once?
  • High Society? Not so High Society? Getting High Society? Is it social? ("Demented and sad, but social") He's in.

Shoutouts to peeps

  • Annabelle- Some, um... details aside, you'd be exactly the kinda girl my family would want me to move in with; which would normally have made me turn and run the other way at the offer. You are, however, genuinely sweet, spunky, generous, and REAL; as well as connected. And then there's the whole MILF thing.
  • Ella- Ever hear about the Japanese custom of fixing broken pottery by fusing together with gold so it becomes more precious and beautiful for having been damaged? You need to learn to smile again and the people you insist on cowering from need to be brought down a few pegs.
  • Donovan- Arrogant, pompous, judgmental types are a dime a dozen where I come from. I know it's tedious work trying to look all superior. I'd have thought you'd be someone fun to hang out and party with all initial information considered, but in the words of The Police, I'd say you gotta Rehumanize Yourself first.
  • Darla- The more someone plays at hating on me, the more fun they are. Your exuberance and dedication and all that sort of thing are noteworthy, but you really need to chill down and smell the roses. You do get points for making me have to re-calibrate my Gaydar... Ida never in a million years thought you had a man.
  • Molly- Proof one can be a crude, tough, roughneck badass type and still have a sense of humor. You can haz cheezburger anytime.
  • Malcolm- You seem like a decent enough guy for sure. You care about who and what you care about admirably. One bit of friendly advice: Don't try so hard.
  • Itsy- You are without a doubt the most surreal little dude I have ever met. We're gonna be buds.
  • Erik- Yeah. Grr. I hope that isn't all you got, cuz that ain't all life's about.
  • Andre- From what I understand, by all accounts and available criteria, we should LOATHE each other. At least, I expect that from your end. May blow your mind and try not to return it.

...more to come...