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“That what I have is not women's intuition but a finely honed copper's instinct for when things aren't right." - Val McDermid

Biographical Data

CO - Denver Police Badge.png
Name: Hartley Strickland
App Age: Mid 30's
Occupation: Detective with the PPPD
Nationality: African-American

Played By: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Hart stands an imposing 5'4" in height. Certainly not tall, there's something about the set of her jaw and the narrowing of her eyes that says: this woman does not put up with shit. She's of obvious mixed heritage, leaving her with a complexion that is darker than many, and still lighter than others. Her eyes are a dark brown, enough to seem almost black in color. Her nose is wide, and her cheekbones high, with thin lips. Her hair is dark and kinked, but somehow pulled into a tight bun and mousse holds all the frays in place.

RP Hooks
  • Detective - 13 years with the PPPD.
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