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Towards the empyrean heights
Of ev'ry kind of lore,
We've taken several easy flights,
And mean to take some more.


Haruka has always been a very good student of engineering, from a family of engineers. Her grandfather worked at a famous video game company in Kyoto. Her father wrote books about engineering. She completed a BS at Caltech, a PhD at University College London, and is now starting her own private career in the mountains of Colorado.

She can be seen around Pokoh's Peak in her bare bones white Tesla when she's not at home working or playing video games. Usually wearing a casual t-shirt and sweats, with colorful, comfortable Keds on her feet. Sometimes she wears a custom pink lab coat on top.

RP Hooks
  • Science
  • Video games
  • Anime
  • Pocky
  • Classic science fiction
  • Teslas


Age 23
Height 5'4" / 1.6m
Weight 120lbs / 55kg
Occupation Engineering consultant
Birthplace Glendale, California
Ancestry Kansai-chiho, Japan
Actress YOSHIDA Akari