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Hayami Otsuka

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Biographical Data
Name: Hayami Otsuza
Birthdate: May 15th
Occupation: Geisha
Nationality: Japanese
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Perfectionist

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RP Hooks
  • Japanese culture- Hayami is a Geisha, ask her about it sometime!
  • Sheltered girl- Hayami was sheltered all her life. She's always up for exploring and seeing new things! Show her around!
  • Restaurant Owner- Soon her tea house will be open. Come in for some Geisha entertainment and delicious food.
  • Aliyah- Sister to Emmanuel and a proper and kind woman.
  • Donal- He was not who I thought but he taught me a great lesson for that I am grateful.
  • Emerito- I am hopeful he is a new client.
  • Emmanuel- Such a kind hearted man. I am honored to know him and look forward to knowing more.
  • Nicolas- What a wonderful man. I have not known him long but his happiness is contagious.
  • Simon- We met in Kyoto before. What fortune to have our paths meet again.
  • Stardust- She is a kind woman who works at Emmanuel's shop. I hope to get to know her more.
  • Taya- She spoke of saving Emmanuel's life. I am glad she did. I Feel uneasy around her but I still look forward to speaking with her again.

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