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"To err is human,"
An immigrant from the nation of Japan, Kitamuro Hideaki is a fine product of the Business and Administrative Finishing School of Chiba Prefecture of the class of 2004. From that promising start, he was handpicked by the Board of Directors of Kanagawa-Zeppo Banking Conglomerate as a Junior Finance Officer to shore up efficiency in their subsidiaries and venture capital holdings. At this, Mr. Kitamuro earned accolades at the decisive actions he took, and indeed was hailed by some as a prodigal at the skill.

After nearly a decade as a respected and effective bureaucrat, not only continuing his work at KZBC but also Hokkaido Southshore Industrial, Kanagawa Trust, Takashita-Iseki-Masanbubo-Murata and Zollernbrecht Financial, Hideaki has been requested to investigate the possibilities of overseas expansion in the fields of industrial R&D and financial services offered.

RP Hooks
  • Hideaki is always eager to sign contracts on behalf of his company, Anodynamic Solutions.
  • Helping acclimatize to European/American traditions and culture.
  • Motorcycling is one of his favorite hobbies when he's not busy at work.
  • Justice - I thought we had eternity together.
  • Magdalena - Creature of honor and horror.
  • Taylor - The precocious one.
  • Calamity - Good for the soul.
  • Michael - Is fear the only thing at your age that can stir your heart, Elder?
  • Adalina - I believe we can do business.
  • Silvia - You must think me the same.
  • Tye - I don't know whether you're coming or going.
  • Sharp - Why does noone listen?
  • Wyatt - Why does noone listen?
  • Andre - You really went out of your way to dig your own grave.
  • Uthur - The loudest is usually the weakest.
  • Darius - Slave. I had enough of you.

Name Kitamuro Hideaki
Occupation Proprietor
Nature Perfectionist
Demeanor Conformist
Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black (but shaved)
Apparent Age 28
Theme: Plaid - Rakimou