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"I demolish my bridges behind me -then there is no choice but Forward" - Fridejor Nansen

Biographical Data
Name: Hollar Phillips Aka Dr. Strangegood
Birthdate: 03/21/1991
Occupation: Retired Professor from Harvard Think Tank Expert
Nationality: First Generation Norwegian
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Celebrant

Quote: Science!
Themesong: Rythymnation - Janet Jackson Scream - Janet and Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Hollar has changed much over the year and a half he has been here in Pokah Peak. Those that know of him call him a Genius, a person described as being the most loyal at heart with the determination to boot. Those that know him know this, those that know him really as a student and an expert rolled into one. He is fundamentally flawed with idealism, loyalty, honor, and wisdom but also has spark of Genius really could be very well a madness lay behind the facade as he walks the knife edge between that and Genius. What is he? This Viking Ninja Cowboy we may never know but the Ether guides and his Science and understanding of the fundamentals of the Science, Magic, and How this world works shows an depth that could be only considers a Master level Mage understanding without the power behind it. Though if you believe that you could be quite Crazy yourself.

Current Interests:
  • Hollar loves Music, Debate, Beer, Women, and Wild abandonment... To try to describe this side of him he loves life and all is wonderous to him and he wnats to explore it to the fullest and just jumps into the deep end naturally.
  • He doesn't know up from down, there is no extremes with him, everything is a shady of purple or rose-colored glasses. Evil doesn't Exist Goodness is a choice, and justifiably so I can choose what the hell I want to be.
  • Hollar best described as a Viking Ninja Cowboy Scientist, was a Mathematician at one point a well known professor settling within the mountains with the Sapling of The Yggdrasil changed the man quite a bit.
  • Becoming something of a Naturalist as he is still a Scientist dropped the Victorian Aspect that which a Son of Ether processes for something more American perhaps more Norwegian. The Zeal which Vikings show, the Edge of a Ninja devoted in his duties from learning many fundamentals from the Eastern Culture and his Affiliation and love for the Monkey King and his Aspect, Rebellion and learning to change how Science is seen today he walks with every Effort with Science with a Capital S. Abandoning the Progressive Movement and the Utopian League he has become somewhat of a dissident which he was already but this doesn't mean he hasn't abandoned his higher principals. It means he only gotten wise to his real nature.
  • The thing to know this could be a facade the true Scientist never lets himself be defined.

Philosophy of the Character:

  • Due to being close to members of the Euthantos, Akashic Brotherhood, and the Verbena, Hollar has a mix of different philosophies he follows which he borrowed from his influences on him and his theories.
  • The Mage is what is called a Fulcrum, this and the Wheel are tied as a fulcrum we all make the world go around through belief and through this belief the World Tree, The Earth Navel, and Several Axis Mundi became to be through this world to understand this is to understand the deeper part of how the math works.
  • Look around you, the Ether is everywhere, for it is within us, and all around. Through Belief it comes, the Holy Light, which that bonds and brings it is the Divine and the Nether. The Balancing Art of this world and through Science we come to understand the Pheromone of Reality.
  • Axis Mundi-For Hollar's main Axis Mundi might be what is known as the Vitruvian Man and the Pillars of Creation. The Measurements of the body in relation to the Earth. This is his way of tapping into himself and drawing out with precise movements and gestures things which normally would be considered Mystical to other scientists but it isn't to Hollar. This is part of his mathematics and calculation in relation to what he is doing..
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hollar's Paradigm is that of the Ether, and the 9 chords of ether expressed through Harmonic Resonance with the world.
To get a better understanding here is a old clip from Donald Duck that explains it better then I can.

The Ether flows and through all of it what is Ether? To Hollar Math Exists everywhere and in every thing. Sacred Geometry is all about spirals, Triangles, Sacred Rectangles and such. Turning from that into music or Resonating with the World. Ether is divided up in the 9 Chords which Makes "the Song" of Reality for Pythagoras had it right. Angels, Demons, Devils, Nephilim, these are all expressions of the World and these chords. We are all Particles and Waves, we have each a certain Wavelength we live in. He taps into the various Wave lengths increasing or decreasing them through the Phenom of the World he makes it happen.

Hollar should be considered like Beethoven his Gauntlets Ether Oscillators of Sound and Tone, Wavelength and frequency, Ether at it's best shaping this world.

Hypertech Vs Steampunk- Why Hypertech instead of Steampunk?

Hollar modern scientist while he uses Victorian prime things Hypertech is what he loves because of mainly it's slick efficiency versus Steampunk for him it's a sense of style.

Special Foci:

Gauntlets Hollar has 2 of them, One <Black> for Entropy, the other Matter (Golden)

Kate - Wow, She has impressed me since she got here
Lily - Your mentality impresses me, it's why I would have you on my team anytime.
Erin - You should be a Flamebaeu.
Itsy - You and I have much in common come with me and we'll build robots together, LET THE WORLD BEWARE!!!
Roxanne - I need a whiskey you just don't get me.
Reg - Yes, you might have a point me sacrificing to the Dark Entropic Gods isn't a good thing. It's a god damn elemental though.
Aneni - Sisterish
Cyrus - Um, what?
Christy - Wish you all the luck in the world.
Cali -
Jacob - I destroyed your normal life and I regret none of it, welcome to the club.
Lucy - An Akashic Diplomat? Waht? your fine.
Hollar - You think I understand this fucker? And I Play him!!!!
Faisal - Get rid of your ticks.
Tux - I see for the truth is what it isn't appearing to be.
Max - For you I have done a lot lastly will be rescuing you from yourself.

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