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Isabella Corbell

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." - Winston Churchill

Biographical Data
Name: Isabella Corbell
Birthdate: A lady never tells.
Occupation: Investor, business woman.
Nationality: American?
Nature: <insert nice, cushy nature here>
Demeanor: Judge

Quote: No, you are not excused.
Themesong: Princes of the Universe - Queen

A business woman originally from Cape Coral that just recently came to Pokoh's Peak. Perhaps she is here for some long vacations? Business opportunities? Something eeeviiilll and sinister? Who knows? Come find out at your own risk.

RP Hooks
  • Being a business woman any deal proposition is of course a good hook, specially if it involves interesting propositions. Lamers will be disposed of in swift fashion!
  • She deals in both mundane things, be it financing businesses just cropping up, ideas that may be lucrative or investing in the people themselves but also the more esoteric ones, like dealing in ancient antiques, the supernatural, etc..
  • Having just arrived from Cape Coral she is interested in surrounding herself with those with the skills to aid her ventures, be it bodyguards or any other skilfull people. Inquire within! (her number is listed)
  • While not with the same influence as she had in Cape Coral she still has an impressive network of contacts and people to call upon, including sway in various areas of influence. For those needing that kind of aid I am sure we can reach an agreement that helps both parties.
  • Mr. Larrson - As quiet in public as I remember him.
  • Mr. Armitage - Time to get you out of your shell.
  • Mr. LeSeur - Liberty and freedom has it's price.
  • Mr. Walker - You got the looming presence at least.
  • Mr. Whitecorn - Manners maketh man.
  • Mr. Roman - I still remember that twinkle in the eye when everything was new.
  • Mr. Winston - Downplaying yourself gets you nowhere.
  • Mr. McGowan - Always with a ready smile and quip. Scary.
  • Ms. Wenquian - Maybe there's more to your people than being savages.
  • Mr. Statton - Thugish.
  • Mr. Novak - Kind and open. A rare thing in these times.
  • Ms. Navarro - Mmm, you are quite the spirited one, aren't you?
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