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.o0 DJ Itsy Bitsy 0o.

The grid

A digital frontier

I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer

What did they look like?

Ships, motorcycles

Were the circuits like freeways?

I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see

And then, one day

I got in







Name: DJ Itsy Bitsy
Occupation: Radio Station DJ
Nature: Awesome
Demeanor: Hallarious
Age: 18
Height/Weight: Spydery
Hair Color: Usaly Brown

RP Hooks

  • Music! Itsy is a DJ, he can talk about digital and techno music adnosium.
  • Tech! itsy is a couch surfing geek. rumour has it technology comes alive in

his hands.

  • Voracious Learning! Itsy is briliant but has a childlike personality, He is

growing mentaly daily learning everything he can. Maybe the dude had amensia? or

is one of those Autistic Savants?

  • Innocent! with great innocence comes gullability and niavity! Itsy delights in

all things with childlike wonder and curiosity.

  • Bleeding Heart! He crys over chick flicks and is a sucker for a hardluck


  • Homeless! Itsy used to be homeless now he lives inside Annabelles Couch! true


  • Spiderman! Itsy is OBSESSED with Spiderman!!! He wants to learn Parkor! he

loves all things spiderman allmost worships the comic!

  • Spiders! Itsy thinks there cute and is know to carry them around.
  • Movie Buff! if its on the Internet or Television or in a Movie Theater Itsy

has scene it and can and will quote it!


MC Chris - Hoodie Ninja

Unknown - Techno-90's Spidey Theme

Hans Zimmer - My Enemy

Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars

System Of a Down - B.Y.O.B

Info Society - Pure Energy

Pure Energy - T-Virus

Pure Energy - System Reboot

Pure Energy - This is The Flying Saucer

  • Annabelle Firehaired, Silver Princess Anamomma. By now they should realize I will murder the world for you. Never fuck with a boys mother!
  • Turnip Silver Feathered Prince We are going to have such adventures you and I!
  • Aldulfr Spirit Headed, You where the first of your kind worthy of respect. An now they are without you. Luna wails and weeps in mourning and so do I.
  • Ashley Boom Boom Pow! Apparently you only need one leg to kick ass! but your loyalty has earned you my expertise, we will have you running again soon.
  • Diamond Shine on my friend! you sparkle, lets build together my friend
  • Donivan You my friend? are an enigma wraped in prickley shit! when your good your so good when your bad your an asshole! but at lest you speak your mind and dont hid your words, a strong gift for one of your caste.
  • Ella You try so hard, but only come off as whiny and childish.. if you stopped trying to make people coddle you and playing up being a victim wed actually all probably like you, you do not live up to your abundant potential. Grow up.. yeah I appreciate that I'm the one saying it.
  • Erin Soo Pretty if only you understood what diplomacy was.
  • Liam Alpha-talker, the wonderful thing about choosing family is I get to keep you!
  • Revi I dont know you yet. but who dosnt love rainbows!!
  • Tara Little Rainbow Princes! giver of Umbrella's slayer of the waterspout my heart is yours sweet little one.
  • Malcolm Braves the Malstrom, Smiles I said it first! I told them you were a Hereo! not even a year in the moonlight and you are allready a Ledgend. I will record your story in the forever, I chose you Pikachu!
  • Maya heals the Heart, You are one of the bright flames among your people.
And they consider you a part of the darkness..
  • Musiphur Shadow cloaked Silence of Death, your honor and loyalty is worthy of any race.
  • Roxanne Giver, quick to aid, hug or offer a kind word. your smile is more
radiant then a sun.
  • [[Gabriel] Comrade in arms, the smart one.. Why did you send me alone to Rowan? was there a lession?
  • Cain Rule One, Dont fuck with Cain! Rule Two, Dont fuck with me or you invoke Rule One!
  • Xenia hi your cute. where did you go? I thought you where going to be on
the radio!
  • Tsukiko Things sure were are a lot more fun with you around!!
  • Polk ruffled feathers, Quickly you are becomming a friend.. Ive a Feathered friend? I never would have thought.. eat me and I keeeel you!
  • Dutch Dutch is Dutch, She will get you out of Dutch! Come home to us!!! get the Dutch out of Dodge! Ill leave a candle burning for you!
  • One who is Null. Cross me again and Future you wont be the only one with a head on a spike.
  • Billy Bloodly nuttless Leave my momma alone or your nutts wont be the only thing your missing!
  • Obsidian Hammer Black Hammer of Butt Kicking, My respect is yours.. few people earn it.
  • BaneBerry Humps a lot, Ok we are even for my sockpuppy..
  • Harley Hi! Shes my Aunt! but im better with computers! cant touch this! shes welcome in spideropolis
  • Jolon heh can I play in your junk!
  • Sora OH hell is that what other people see when they look at me?