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Mayan Symbol.pngIxchel

"Creation and destruction are two ends of the same moment."

Biographical Data

Aztec Calendar.png
Name: Ixchel Kan
App Age: Late 20's
Nationality: Guatemalan
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Quote: In Lak'ech Ala K'in - I am another yourself.
Music: [1]

She's not from around here. Hispanic, and perhaps something more - she speaks flawless Spanish, but with an accent that isn't quite Mexican. She's usually seen on foot, or riding an ancient, scuffed bicycle.

  • Bicycling - Maybe she does it because she has to, or perhaps because she enjoys the exercise.
  • Nature - Ixchel enjoys the outdoors, and the rhythms of nature.
  • Mythology - She is surprisingly familiar with the supernatural, especially the traditions of Central America.
  • Musaphir - You are an odd mix of magisterial sage.
  • Kismet - Where are you, when you are needed? No esta aqui.
  • Danny - You are lost, and yet not lost.
  • Lyra - Bzzrt
  • Durin - A mask might be good.
  • Cyrus - So much cosmic power in an itty bitty living space.
  • Andrew - You are kind, but there is no such thing as Switzerland.
  • Khoi - Perhaps I will withhold judgment at this time, si?
  • Christy - Too much coffee, si?
  • Jack and Zach - You are both willing to go all in. Es muy bien.
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