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Jacob McLaughlin

"“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” - Tesla


Name: Jacob McLaughlin
Occupation: Proprietor of McLaughlin Electrical[1]
Organization: Former Chairman of Aperta Society
Nature: Scientist
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Date of Birth: 1985-11-20
Height/Weight: 5'6", 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown

The Art of Science
People distance the Arts from Sciences. But what is Art?

The creation of beautiful and significant things. They may not be as striking as a painting, or as impressive as a statue, but there is beauty within a well laid circuit. There is delicacy in the fine lines of a microchip. Splendor in the calculations to make something as simple as a light turn on, or as complex as a computer. It is in the eye of the beholder, and I like to consider my work an art.

Need an Electrician? Jacob is a certified Electrician and Electrical contractor. If you have a business and you've got a pesky light that keeps burning out, an outlet that just doesn't work, or want to become new-age nature friendly with solar panels, give me a ring!

Run a charity? Jacob enjoys helping Schools, Churches, and good causes. He might not be free, but he'll definitely come in at a good price, for good work!

Security? Jacob installs home security systems ranging from the simple to the overly complicated for all you bomb-shelter junkies.

Alexander I can keep the promises I swear to. Can you?
Cali I truly hope this is the start of a wonderful, lasting journey together. To good memories, and good years for more of them. Well, go fuck yourself then.
Christy She has a knack for showing up when I need a sympathetic ear! Great listener!
Darius Either a man with the temper of a child, a lunatic that kills for fun, or a very unlucky individual. And with the power to make any of these options a terrifying thought to consider.
Erin I'm glad that you trust me, and I'm glad that we've moved past where we were.
Ekta Cyan. Everything was Cyan. Never seen such appetizing application of leather in my life.
Giles Another over inflated ego that can see no wrong in himself. Guess I shouldn't be surprised... But he is good to have at your back in a fight.
Jolon Come to trust the big guy. Glad I met him.
Maya A good friend, a good confidant, and one of the few people I really trust.
Musaphir I'm glad I impressed you. That means a lot to me.
Magdalena Stern. Gorgeous. Kinda creepy. Job feels like the start of a bad porno. The kind with whips and chains.
Nuru I'm gonna keep trying to help, and I hope you keep appreciating it.
Roxanne It feels like I just met my fairy godmother. Except, I guess there are probably fairy godmothers. Either way, thank god for someone that speaks plain.
Kinsey A good friend, and a kind soul. Please, just listen. I know its hard where you are, but... please.
Carlotina I can respect anyone that wants to stay outside the rat race.
Taylor A good friend and clever, but some times I worry not as clever as she thinks she is.
Andre Dude... Really? What the fuck?