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Biographical Data
Name: Jason Statton
Birthdate: December 11
Occupation: Part Time Bouncer / Handyman
Nationality: American
Nature: Alpha
Demeanor: Survivor

Race: Garou
Rank: Fostern
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Pack: Caliber

New to the Peak, Jason is starting to find his way around and touchbase with those in the area to help execute bigger plans. He's hard nosed and stubborn. Tends to think very black and white about life. Has a tactical mind.

RP Hooks
  • NewComer: He doesn't seem to mind shaking things up. Comes across very aggressive and not family friendly.
  • West Coast: He's from California, moved to New Mexico, and is now here.
  • Things that go boom: He has a ton of stuff.

  • Gaige - My best friend and sister. You drive me fucking insane.
  • Asher - You sorta went off the deep end there, chief.
  • Aidan - If you hate me now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Emmanuel - Your Spanish isn't that bad. You're cool.
  • Wenquian - Glad to have you in the area. Family is important.
  • Donovan - The kind of stereotype I'm down with.
  • Lacey - I give up.
  • Lee - You stabbed me in the back. I have no problem putting you down like the bitch you are.
  • Kallie - You cut my brake lines. Going a 100 in a 25.
  • Isabella - You are a business up front, party in the back kinda girl.
  • Tye - <Insert a quote here>
  • Cain - Better an ally than an enemy.
  • Kathryn - Go Team Venture!
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