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John McCarthy
"There's two kinds of people in Pokoh's Peak. Neighbors and Tourists. Which one are you? Don't know? Then one will be chosen for you."

Musing about Mages
Magic men. You'd think they'd develop discipline and caution, you know, a certain common sense given how much they can screw themselves over, but NOOoooo. Instead they hold secret conclaves in public places where anybody can hear, conjure up mythological creatures for the edification of the general public. You can tell there's no fear of hunters in those noggins. Course when was the last time you saw mages strung up by the heels? Oh yeah....

Sentiments on Lupine
They're big, they're bad, they make cole slaw out of their enemies. They also don't breed em for brains and they attract all the wrong sorts of people to our little community just by being themselves. For the love of god fellas, keep your claws to yourself! Nothing worse than trying to explain a 'doggie' print for something the size of a large van. I keep a supply of steaks handy.

Views of the Fae
I've heard all about these folks. Haven't seen them, so I don't know how cute they are or how well they dance and sing or whether they'd bleed to death if you pulled their wings off like other folks say, but what I do know is, you don't kill the girl you just met and locked lips with just because she's a vampire. Bad form guys and NEVER on a first date.

Perspective of Vampires
Blood sucking predators, top the food chain, and they won't let you forget it either. Give some punk a pair of teeth and a night life and he suddenly thinks he's frickin' Superman to show off at the local Cinematic Theatre. What a joke. It's never been about what people see. It's about what people don't see. Yeah, I'm part of the Big Picture, but don't get me going. I could get into the nitty gritty here, but unless I want the life span of a fruit fly some things *do* require discretion.

Pokah's Peak
People say I don't take our position here seriously. That's not true. I take Pokoh's Peak very seriously. It's assholes that come here and fuck everyone over that I don't take seriously. So if you're one of them, don't hang on to those illusions of how much this place is your home. This is OUR home that we built with our own little undead hands. So if you don't burn it to the ground with stupidity, I'd be damned grateful and happy to make your acquaintance. Otherwise the highway keeps going back to the east. Don't let the Wyrms and Technocracy hit you on the way out.

John McCarthy, Tom Doogan, Hard Man, Monster, Any Man, Michael Shaw, Homeless Man, Aqualung, Lars Gustofsson

John2.jpg     John3.jpg
Name John McCarthy
Occupation Ex-Quarry owner
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Director
Height 6'11"
Weight 260 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Apparent Age 28