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                        Jolene Nichols                        

"Let me tell you why molecular gastronomy is a load of fuckin' wank..."

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Date of Birth:    May 11th, 1996
Occupation:    Haute Cuisine Chef
Nature:    -
Demeanor:    Child
Employer:    WIP
Merits of Note:    Innocent
Flaws of Note:    Addiction (cocaine), Empathy
Favourite Cuisine:    Greek, currently

Oh man, you gotta try this! It's got, like, maple smoke in the glaze, see...

Food's not just stuff you eat, it's art. Art that you eat, obviously.

So, I'm looking to get settled into town, start really seeing what the local cuisine has to offer, get my own kitchen up and running and really get set up. Of course, that requires getting a reputation and all that, so it's going to be slow progress.

And, of course, I've got extracurricular activities, too. Charity work, for one. And a fondness for certain illicit substances. They keep me busy in my free time.

  Why She's Interesting
  • Drugs - Are you in the narcotics trade? Jolene's a customer, and sometimes a small-time dealer too. It could be worth talking business.

  • Food - Need a chef? A really good one? Jolene's good. Really good. And, as a young, ambitious chef, she's looking for somewhere to really make her mark. If you own a business, she's interested.

  • Soft-hearted - Need somebody to go and be a do-gooder? Jolene's pretty terrible at ignoring the plight of the poor and needy.


Jordan - Job? Job. Job job job!

Chloe - Bumblebee. Delightful. Friend?

Chester - Old wise medicine. Befriend.

Darla - Scary queen. Circumvent.

Lily - Blind rich money. Job?

Taylor - Odd. Watch? Harmless.