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Biographical Data
Name: Jolon Talltrees
Birthdate: October 4 1988
Occupation: Owner of Greener Pasture's Restoration and Recycling.
Nationality: Ute Native American
Nature: Guardian
Demeanor: Creater

Father: Machk Talltrees (Deceased)
Mother: Susan Talltrees (Deceased)

Quote: Character's Favorite Saying
Themesong: [Native Blood by Testament]

Jolon is a very tall member of the local Ute tribe. He has just returned to town after an extended leave. Those who look into where he was before now will find the was in the Colorado State Pen. He was found guilty of second degree manslaughter when he killed a men who had kidnapped a young girl from the reservation. Jolon saved the girl but killed the man with his bare hands. Jolon admitted he would do it again to protect the children of the reservation and was found guilt but given the min sentence. He is now returning home to find his place in town.

RP Hooks
  • As a native Ute anything dealing with the reservation will be a hook for Jolon to get involved in the RP.
  • If your needing parts for something or wanting something repaired or taken away call Jolon.
  • Children needing someone to watch and protect them from the monster in the closet when it is real call Jolon.
  • Spent some time in Colorado State Pen. Talk to Jolon he spent 8 years there maybe we have some connections.
  • Darla Loving wife and Ass kicker.
  • Nuru Friend and owner of my favorite Bar.
  • Selena The next ladies MMA champion.
  • Enola One of the family.
  • Soot One who I wish I could have saved.
  • Rafferty My little brother from another Mother.
  • Ekta Another friend from The Rez
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