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"Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself." - Walter Anderson


Jordan has considered Denver home most of her life, but after her parents' passing, she's trying to find her place in the world and develop an identity beyond the family name. It is business that has brought Jordan to Pokoh's Peak, seeking a site for the latest in Carmichael Investments' chain of luxury hotels - The Monte-Carm Suites & Resorts (inspired by Ritz-Carlton hotels). Due to her family being in the limelight of the media because of their social and financial status and business dealings, the young heiress developed an alternate ID that allows her to go out amongst the public with much less chance of being recognized.

Alt ID - Kaiya Hunter

The ID would not stand up to a background check, then again, Jordan doesn't need it to. Being a Carmichael, and her family's name being well known, as well as her picture having been in the news (especially after the death of her parents and her great inheritance), she just wants a way to mingle amongst the regular folk, and not worry about who is trying to warm up to her for her money.

Jordan created the persona Kaiya Hunter, to allow her to go out in public, less likely to be recognized. As Kaiya, it allows her to feel relaxed among others and more comfortable engaging in the less refined activities she enjoys, including utilizing her mechanical skills and riding her Harley. (See below)

Biographical Data
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Name: Jordan Carmichael
Birthdate: July 15,1995
Occupation: Owner of Carmichael Investments, LLC
Demeanor: Rebel
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Scent: Coconut & Vanilla

Jordan's RP Hooks
  • The building of a luxury hotel is a great undertaking - finding the right site (realtors), construction (builders), décor (interior decorators). Once it's up and running, the building will include a salon/spa, a boutique and restaurant on top of the usual hotel staff (employees, including an event coordinator).
  • Fame 1: The Carmichael name alone is well known among high society types, specifically her Father who expanded the family business and started Carmichael Investments. Jordan, herself, has been spotted in the papers and in the news, as well as at functions with her parents before they were killed in a plane crash, leaving her to inherit the full estate (well into the millions). Even for the non-high society types, it's common knowledge the Monte-Carm Suites and Resorts (on par with the Ritz-Carlton) chain of luxury hotels are owned by Carmichael Investments, LLC. The Carmichael name alone is associated with wealth, so even those who don't know of Jordan from the papers, once they hear her last name would likely wonder, if not ask outright: 'Are you one of /those/ Carmichaels?'.
Jordan's Hangouts
  • Sandra's Kitchen - She can be found here in the mornings for a cup of coffee and breakfast on occasion.
  • Black Diamond Resorts - She's recently purchased the resort, and is organizing the renovations to unveil it as the new Monte-Carm Suites & Resorts. She has also taken one of the unclaimed suites as her current residence.
Jordan's Contacts
  • Alex - Personal Trainer
  • Aneni - Lovely woman, with inspiring ideas.
  • Dom - 'Irresistable' (by Jessica Simpson), my 'honey bear' & long lost love.
  • Jacob - Professional, pleasant gentleman.
  • Jolene - Vibrant woman with a colorful personality, and a passion for food.
  • Miriam - Beautiful, with a commanding presence. Not sure whether to be envious of her, or consider turning bi.
  • Victor - Impressive and intimidating first impression.
Jordan's Associates
  • Christopher Akins - Christopher Akins, 29 years old, is CEO of Carmichael Investments, LLC. While Jordan owns the company, Chris runs the business for her, keeping things operating smoothly.
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  • Albert Rhinehardt - Albert Rhinehardt, 43 years old, is a smart man. Unlike the stereotypical lawyer, he is principled, and is on retainer for Ms. Carmichael for whatever her legal needs may be.
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  • Doreen Williams - Doreen Williams, 33 years old, is a very capable accountant. She handles all of Jordan's personal finances, as well as heading a team of accountants who handle the books for Carmichael Investments, LLC.
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Monte-Carm Suites & Resorts

The Monte-Carm Suites and Resorts is a chain of luxury hotels with locations all over the country. The founder of the chain was Joshua Carmichael Jr., whose vision brought about the formation of Carmichael Investments, LLC. While each hotel has a distinctly local touch, each have certain amenities they share, from the high quality rooms and luxury suites, to fine dining, elegant boutique, luxurious spa/salon, fitness center, and more.

Jordan's Gallery
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Alt ID Biographical Data
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Name: Kaiya Hunter
Occupation: Mechanic
Demeanor: Rebel
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Scent: A hint of coconut, vanilla and leather, with a distinctive and lingering scent of 'grease monkey'.

Themesong: 'Run The World (Girls)' - Beyonce
Kaiya's RP Hooks
  • Kaiya has a way with nearly anything mechanical and can work on nearly anything with an engine.
  • Kaiya is a biker chick, and her ride is a Harley - the ONLY way to ride, in her opinion.
  • Kaiya wants to have her finger on the pulse of the 'street'. She has a little knowledge about where to find things and how, as well as a minimal know-how of how to handle herself.
Kaiya's Hangouts
  • Pokoh's Peak Cantina - She enjoys chilling at the Cantina, nursing a beer, strong spirits or partaking of the good food.
  • Clear Creek Plaza - A cool place to hang out, people watch, or pick up sweet treats or your fav tunes.
Kaiya's Contacts
  • Dom - Wild & crazy
  • Jolene - Vibrant woman with a colorful personality, and a passion for food.
  • Lily - She seems nice enough, and down to earth.
  • Zeno - Talented musician, but I wonder if he's playing with a full deck.
Kaiya's Associates
  • An obscure forger she uses to maintain/update her Kaiya Hunter ID.
Kaiya's Gallery
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