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Julian Bellamy

"From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire." ― Robert Frost

Fullname: Julian Caelum Bellamy
Birthdate: March 11
Horoscope: Pisces Sun - Cancer Rising
Nationality: American
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Hair/Eyes: Deepest Brown
Height/Weight: 6'/150 lb
Occupation: Songwriter/Producer
Demeanor: Nonpartisan

Plot & Hooks

Quill & Parchment: My mind upon a page, the dangerous and wicked scribe.

Philosophy & Coffee: Caffeinated, existential whispers bringing in the dawn.

Absinthe & Dreams: The Green Fairy brings us such wonderful dreams.

Shadows & Fire: The shadows sometimes lie, but never does the fire.

Darque & Lovely: Hiding together, away from the madness.

Dancing & Moonlight: Close your eyes, we'll sway forever.

Touching & Silence: Let us not speak, but only feel.

A Bit of History

The fire came into Julian's life early on. There was always an attraction, a pull, but thankfully his desires never lacked the deference such an obsession required. As a child, he understood the calamitous nature of the flames, but also saw the captivating beauty and raw power; a beating heart and life within the blaze. Consumed and enthralled in equal measure removed barriers so that when the whispers of control came calling, it was embraced without hesitation.

Julian spent a lot of time in his teens working with Max Martin. Max took a liking to young Julian and gifted him a hands on education in music production, with a focus on lyrical content and vocal melodies. Jules has helped produce songs for many top artists and makes a decent living creating groovy melodies and lyrical content the popular artists belt out like they were their very own. A hard working man, he's co-written and produced several top hits and has earned himself the reputation of meeting deadlines with works that conform to the artistic niche of his clients. He has been known to perform, but achieves much more personal satisfaction being behind the scenes and out of the limelight.

A soft spoken man, Julian uses words wisely and without excess. He's extremely tactile, but somewhat stingy with his affections. Some may consider him aloof, but those who deem him worthy of a deeper consideration may see through any perceived reluctance as nothing more than caution; in this World of Darkness a little discretion goes a long way.

Defining Elements

Nyctophelia: Julian finds comfort in the night, the big ball of fire reflected.

Morose: Drawn to requiems and melancholic verse, Julian's private melodies capture his internal beauty.

Photography: Black and white moments forever caught in time, beauty developed by Julian's hand.

Fire: The classical element compels, drawn closer to the flames, Julian cannot resist this singular obsession.

Fashion: The compositions of fabrics, the stylizations, anything couture is irresistible to Julian's judgement.