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"Treat a man by his own valuation, trust him by yours." - Justice

Biographical Data
Name: Justice Kowalski
Birthdate: June 27th
Occupation: Costume and Prop-maker, primarily Cosplay and Steampunk items.
Nationality: Polish-American
Nature: Fanatic
Demeanor: Artist

Father: Mr. Kowalski
Mother: Mrs. Kowalski

Quote: "The whole world's gone mad. I'm just trying to fit in."
Themesong: Eminem's "The Monster" feat. Rihanna, P!nk's "Please Don't Leave Me"

She's a mercurial personality, willing to attack social injustice and stupidity without hesitation. She's been known to get into arguments in favor of the rights of small artists against big business, women's rights, minority rights, or other general hippie bullshit. She has a sharp sense of humor, and a lot of her comments can be taken more than one way. Judging by that sardonic smile, she's well aware of it.

Things to Know
  • She's intelligent, perceptive, and rarely does anything without a reason.
  • She tends to hang out at the Trade Winds coffeehouse, often with a sketchbook, and has been known to go for walks in Monument Park
  • She was recently seen visiting the dojo, and asking the dojo master if she had room for an advanced student, quite politely.
  • She seems to be rather focused on truth as a concept, often espousing the viewpoint that direct conversation is far preferable to elliptical self-referential vagaries.
  • Hideaki - A man of contradictions and complications. I am privileged to see more than one layer.
  • Maya - We have so much in common ... and so very little.
  • Musaphir - Now see, everyone knows you're an interesting conversationalist.
  • Magdalena - Do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth? I know you don't think about them, but do you even HEAR them?
  • Evan - Your music is beautiful, but your bravery is more so, because you share it with so few.
  • Eirnin - Anyone who can quote Spenser is fine by me.
  • Branwen - Na na na na na na na na ....
  • Alexander - And it seemed like such a nice life you were having.
  • Erin - You don't think you're REALLY fooling anyone, do you?
  • Kendra - Good plan, not marrying the known murdering philander. Good for you!
  • The Molly - I imagine a lot of people have underestimated you. Happens to me all the time. This will be a most entertaining game.
  • Gavin - Stop taking all our toys, dammit.
  • Daniel - Canary in a coal mine, baby.
  • Gwynith - You were warned.
  • Jameson - Blue or red?
  • Mircea - And is it not said, "Ooo, you're so sharp, you'll cut yourself?" - The Sayings of Mrs. Cosmopolite.
  • Luciano - Business is important, but there is such a thing as an acceptable loss.
  • Anastasia - Strip off the stuffiness and your conversation will be much more pleasant.
  • Susan - Interesting.
  • Giddeon - We'll have to see, won't we.
  • Jayson - You're growing on me. Like a fungus. Don't make me get the bleach, again.
  • Chico - I suppose part of seeing what kind of man you'll become is making sure you have a chance to grow up.
  • Meyer - Awww, I like you too.
  • Ekta - Sometimes, it'd be nice to fall for something.
  • Omar - How much do you hide behind that pretty face?