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Kalasin "Kallie" Merrick

“...The road to the next duty is the only straight one.” ― George MacDonald'

Biographical Data
Full Name: Kalasin Marrick
Birthday: 1990-Mar-04
Occupation: Hotel Assistant Manager
Nationality: American
Nature: Confidant
Demeanor: Follower

Played By: Lauren Cohan
Themesong: Character's Themesong

Appearance: Kallie is a young woman in her late-twenties, lean and fit, but soundly in the middling category of neither over or underdone. She's Caucasian but tanned even in the winter from time spent outdoors, with a generous smattering of freckles. Her hair reaches to midback and is largely straight but with a slight wave, the color a dark mahogany bordering on black. Her eyes are a clear, expressive green tinged with gray-blue around the edges.

When working, she's dressed in smart business attire like pants suits or skirts in blacks, grays, and whites with tasteful jewelry and her hair done up in braided or loose buns. While off the clock, her hair tends to be down but often in a ponytail or braid, and her clothing is light and comfortable with a slight Bohemian flair. Come winter, she's more often seen in athletic gear when not working with a silver and teal snowboard in tow. In any case, she is usually seen with a gold and 3 stone diamond ring on her hand or on a gold chain around her neck.

History: Born and raised in the Peak, Kallie has lived your fairly normal life. Her family sacrificed for their work, but gave Kallie and her brother what they could. Kallie worked hard in school, but primarily at sports. Soccer in the warmer months, but her passion was snowboarding. With school and regional championships under her belt, she was slated at minimum for scholarships and dreams of someday making a real professional team. Some even said she had Olympic potential. Then a freak accident on the slopes shattered her leg, and with it plans of escaping the Peak. She's been there since, even doing community college there, and has settled in on the road to take over the family business. It's the 9-5 worklife for her now, dull, steady, and predictable.

RP Hooks
  • Native: She was born and raised in the Peak and is a lifelong staple. She even went to college in town.
  • Hospitality Industry: Her family owns a Holiday Inn downtown and some rental cabins in the mountains. She's a de facto Assistant Manager and slated to take over the business.
  • Winter Olympics: She had dreams, but a bad leg break and the demands of the family business put those back in the closet. She still is an avid snowboarder when the snow's in town.


NOTE: I'm not gonna have everyone she meets here, but just those who are a reoccurring point or are otherwise someone she'd have a particular interest in. No slight intended.

  • Alex - I'm watching you. Girl Code.
  • Derek - Life always takes the good ones and it took a chunk of my heart with it. But, at least you didn't leave me entirely, and my answer will always be yes.
  • Jason - Why do I get the feeling someone cut my brake lines?
  • Natalie - BFF! I got your back, girl.
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