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"Sometimes I dream of saving the world, saving everyone from the invisible hand; one that brands us with an employee badge; the one that forces us to work for them; the one that controls us every day without us knowing it.."


Kate is a new kid in town, having arrived to continue her studies at Chilcott university in advanced mathemathics. A quiet little thing, she can be seen at the university always with that damn computer of hers or chatting away at her cellphone. Some may even call her a bit aloof, but what do they know?
Rp Hooks
Do you go to Chilcott university? You may definitely run into her.

Kate can be aloof and distant at times but start talking geek and she may warm up real fast.

She is very active online, and in fact you may even run into one of her online handles if you frequent hacking circles (page for more details)

Aneni - Your laugh makes me happy.

Xenia - Nuns with guns?

Hollar - Norse God meets the Predator. Yes please!

Sean - Baccanal?

Ciaran - aka grumpy one.

Miriam - I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of your wrath.

Cyrus - We will do wonderful things together.

Erin - You intrigue me. Let's learn more about each other.

Lottie - Nomnomnomnom

Roxanne - You have more life in you than most younglings.

Giles - The teacher we need, not the one we deserve.

Oswald - Trust me, youtube videos are the way to go.

Alex - Tacnuke?

AllSeeingEye - Blackhat? Perhaps we can make a grey out of you yet.

Raven - Spirits? Brrrr

Name Mary Katherine Smith
Occupation Student? Geek?
Nature No
Demeanor One sprinkle deviant, two sprinkles geek.
Height 5'1
Weight No
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age 20s