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"Someday, I'll find something boring. But not today."

Biographical Data
Name: Kathryn "Kat" Jacobs
Birthdate: April 8
Occupation: FBI Computer Analyst
Nature:  ???
Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Quote: "A hacker doesn't deliberately destroy data or profit from [her] activities." - Kevin Mitnick
Themesong: Themesong

HOOK 1: Kat works as a computer analyst for the FBI. Right now she's a floater, not assigned to a single task force, but rather being sent where her particular expertise and skill set are needed. Maybe you work in law enforcement? Or maybe you're a criminal and would rather deal with someone who doesn't carry a gun.

HOOK 2: Up until a year an a half ago, she was on the other side of things, working as a hacker. Maybe you knew her in that capacity - although it would have been online only unless you were somewhere else, she's traveled a lot but is only recently arrived in Pokoh's Peak.

HOOK 3: She works with victims of abuse, helping them to build new lives. Maybe you're a fellow volunteer, or even someone she's helped.


Alex - Snuggly :)
Aliyah - A little hard to pin down, but interesting.
Darla - Wonder where you went? It's clear you left, which is a shame. I think we were finally getting somewhere!
Donovan - Eventually, you'll start trusting me. Your sense of humor is a lot of fun, even if there's a slight edge to all of it.
Jason - Shameless flirt, but probably very useful
Mathias - Calm down, kid. It's going to be ok.
William - We work really well together - I wonder what you're hiding?

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