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"There is no good or bad, just difference of opinion."

The 411
Name : Kayla Catori Echohawk
Birthdate: March 2, 1992 (26 years old)
Occupation: Why is that your business? You gonna give me money?
Lineage: Ute Indian with some caucasian thrown in there somewhere
Nature: Hmmm Can't give it all away, can we? What fun is that?
Demeanor: Rebel

Quote: That is a horrible idea...Let's do it.
Themesong: Like a Storm- Love the way you hate me (https://youtu.be/5xhubIqV1CI)
Played By: Rachel Dashae
RP Hooks
  • From the Rez/Ute
  • In and out of jail
  • In and out of rehab
  • Move around a lot in PP- did I crash on your couch?
  • Georgie - This kid is kind. I hope he doesn't lose that in the long run. Max is a good pupper.
  • Emmanuel - Broken, but beautiful soul.
  • Wyck - Good at organizing stuff. Street witch.
  • Niyah -Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I have. His name is Niyah.
  • Anneke - I like the attitude on this chick. She doesn't beat around the bush with anyone.
  • Alex - He is super laid back and pretty cute if you are into that type. Something about him kinda sets me on edge, but for some reason going against my better judgement is pretty thrilling.
  • Taylor - Always talks to me when she sees me. Never an unkind word either.
  • Easter - Something about this chick sings to me. Dunno. We have walked similar life paths. Interesting.
  • Theo - *boop* Watch out, I bite.
  • Wallace - Nice, kid. You think you got game but you are like 10 and whine. Nooo thanks. Keep your lap pinky to yourself, bro. Creeper.
  • Eliza - Work with her at Mark's from time to time. Not the brightest bulb, but she is sweet and she is a good luck charm at work.

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