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Biographical Data
Name: Kendra Noel Cartwright, PhD
Birthdate: Sept 10, 1988
Occupation: Professor, Mathematical Cryptology
Nationality: American
Nature:  ???
Demeanor: Deviant

Father: Jack Cartwright
Mother: Alyssa Cartwright


What you know of yourself is not necessarily truth. Discover the truth and become Enlightened.

Played by: Karen Gillan

Although she's from Denver, Colorado, Kendra has elected to move to Pokoh Peak and make it her home. She's a Professor at the University of Colorado, in Fort Collins, CO and gives graduate classes in Mathematical Cryptology and undergraduate classes in calculus. Though she is certainly not well known, she /is/ known within the mathematical department to be one of the leading knowledge of her field. Just recently, she has opened a business in town: Gateway Securities, and is working on marketing a new security suite that is rumored to challenge other security suites. Her program has gone international and slowly making waves through the computer industry. However, despite all that, she doesn't normally dress the part of a business woman. She looks almost like your average college student and looks like she would still be there.

Plot Hooks
  • Collage student? Attending UOC? You might know Kendra, aka Doctor Cartwright if you are taking math classes.
  • Know computer security? You might know her business Gateway Securities, an Internationally known computer security company.
  • If you know Lucy, you may have seen Kendra. She likes to attend Star parties. She also attends star parties at the university.
  • Kendra has been seen at Trade Winds Cafe but less and less.
  • Lucy Quiet and thoughtful, she's sometimes difficult to understand.
  • Alexander *silence*
  • Roxanne A wonderful heart and caring soul. She's good for an ear.
  • Darius Man, you do know your stuff but your ego could rival Giles'
  • Musaphir You have a habit of putting your foot in your mouth every time you open your mouth.
  • Erin A caring friend.
  • Gavin Not sure what to think about you anymore. You turned on me.
  • Giles Your ego is your worst enemy.
  • Cyrus He's slowly coming around and helping out. It's nice.
  • Maya You were nice but you've changed - for the worst.
  • Jacob A trusted friend.