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“My childlike creativity, purity and honesty is honestly being prodded by these grown thoughts, Reality is catchin' up with me, takin' my inner child I'm fightin' for, custody, with these responsibilities that they entrusted me, As I look at my di-a-mond encrusted piece”
Power, Kanye West

xxxxx Khơi or Koi is a young man who you may have seen or heard of online if you listen to social media influencers, creating a social media presence under the handle HanoiFish. He's an aspiring musician, producing a wide array of genres on his own budget, but his more popular content is mostly political analysis (such as midterm recaps) and his republished works of occult books with translations, transliterations, footnotes and illustrations.

RP Hooks

  • Music & Fashion: Khơi is more than happy to inject himself into the entertainment scene, be it for pure enjoyment or professional investments.
  • "The Occult": Khơi republishes occult works that have fallen out of copyright in order to edit, annotate, compile and illustrate them. He can be found searching through second-hand bookstores and new age, Wiccan and other spaces looking for resources for his next project. He's happy to collaborate with new artists and other writers.

Getting To Know...

Calamity.jpg Calamity: That's this girl in the park who, to be honest, kinda' reminds me of when Invader Zim was real big and non-sequitur was the New Hotness. Not really uh, sure what to make of that, but you do you, girl.
Danny2.png Danny: I see so much of my old self in her that I can't stop worrying about her.
Xty 2016.jpg Christy: That girl is fire. She introduced me to some cool places in the city and seems like she's quite a ride to hang out with. I want to see what kind of experimental scenes I can run into with her.
Thehomies.jpg Ixchel: She loves her homies, man, that's all I gotta say. Really, really loves her homies.

Bits & Pieces


Name: Trần Tấn Khơi
Apparent Age: Young adult
Height: 5’9”
Hair/Eyes: Dark and decorated