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"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”-Khalil Gibran'

Biographical Data
Name: Korilynn King
Birthdate: Feb. 29, 1992 (leapling)
Occupation: Ranger for the US Forest Service
Nationality: American

Quote: "There is always a choice, choosing not to choose is a choice in itself."

Themesongs: Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson

Don't Own Me- Grace ft G - Eazy
IDGAF - Dua Lipa

Kori moved to the Peak when she got a job out of college to the beautiful state of Colorado from the eastern part of the US. She is well traveled, loves animals, plants, especially books and to add to her list, her newest love, her son-Logan.
RP Hooks
Ranger for the Forest Service- hikes a lot, do you?
Loves plants and can be seen at nurseries looking at plants and even talking to a stray random flower (shes a little odd)
She volunteers at Dr. Novac's clinic helping with getting supplies, cleaning up and anything to help.
She is a sporting a small baby these days. Got kids? Knocked up? Mom friend?
Logan Michael Suneel Born September 2, 2018 @ 7:22am. 7lbs 10 oz, 20 in long.
She hangs out at the ACC.
Kinfolk- some people randomly come up to her and sniff at her. Kinda weird.
Taya - Hey pupper momma. My BFF. You never gave up looking for me and that means a lot in my book.
Christopher - I miss you, my dear friend.
Aliyah -Meow.
Alex - Lives intertwined forever through a child.
Emmanuel - A man of many roles in my life. Friend, boss, doctor, mentor.
Eris - It would be a lie to say I miss you. My heart hurts for your children who will miss out on you though.
Brian - The fiesty, smart, understanding, amazingly supportive boyfriend. A very brave soul for taking on my flavor of crazy.
Nicolas - Wasn't too sure of you at first, but you are kinda nice and fun to hang out with.
Ekta - I miss you and your comforting cuddles and belly rubbins. Totally made me question my sexuality there for a minute though.
Erin - Another on a long list of people he is into.
Jennifer - Obsessive. Probably low self esteem.
Yasuke - I keep running into you. Very polite gent.
Kismet - Them red heads. This one belongs to Ali though. He has always seemed nice.
Georgie - Volunteered to help out at the community gardens he got going. Don't know him that well really.
Adria - Met her and her puppers hiking on a trail. Seems okay, but I am a little hesitant.

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