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"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”-Khalil Gibran'

Biographical Data
Name: Korilynn King
Birthdate: Feb. 29, 1992 (leapling)
Occupation: Ranger for the US Forest Service
Nationality: American

Quote: "There is always a choice, choosing not to choose is a choice in itself."

Themesongs: Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson

Don't Own Me- Grace ft G - Eazy
IDGAF - Dua Lipa

Kori moved to the Peak when she got a job out of college to the beautiful state of Colorado from the eastern part of the US. She is well traveled, loves animals, plants and especially books.
RP Hooks
Ranger for the Forest Service- hikes a lot, do you?
Loves plants and can be seen at nurseries looking at plants and even talking to a stray random flower (shes a little odd)
She volunteers at Dr. Novac's clinic helping with getting supplies, cleaning up and anything to help.
She is a sporting a small baby bump these days. Got kids? Knocked up? Mom friend?
She hangs out at the ACC.
Kinfolk- some people randomly come up to her and sniff at her. Kinda weird.
Taya - Hey pupper momma.
Christopher - Sweet, but better as a friend even if he doesn't see it yet.
Aliyah -my warden
Alex - family of a higher degree
Emmanuel - A man of many roles in my life. Friend, boss, doctor, mentor.
Eris - Our lives are intertwined through our children.
Brian - Sweet, but I probably scared him off with my crazy.
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