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“As the heat of fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma."

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”
–The Bhagavad Gita

"Our approach to making games is to find the fun first and then use the technology to enhance the fun."
–Sid Meier

Just the Facts

RP Hooks

Apparent Age:    34
Occupation:    Game Designer
Demeanor:    Director
Height/Weight:    179 cm / 76 kg
Hair Color:    Black
Eye Color:    Brown

xxxxxKris designs and plays a wide variety of computer games, it's easy to meet him online.

xxxxxKris goes to game night at the Dragon's Den

xxxxxKris is well known among programmers and (under an alias) hackers

xxxxxKris is an avid cyclist in summer and learning to ski in winter

Family and Friends

Online Persona

xxxxxSHRUTI1.png My sister Maheshwari
xxxxxPRIYANKA CHOPRA1.jpg My wife Lakshmi
xxxxxMARY1.jpg My friend Mary
xxxxxBRIAN1.jpg My friend Brian

Connor: Kris has been seen with him
Emmanuel: Kris frequents his shop, often stopping on the way to work to pick up two dozen pastries.
Erin: Kris has been seen at her shop, and out with her at clubs.
Georgie: Kris is seen at his shop. They seem to be gaming friends.
Katya and Katinka: Kris has been seen chatting with at least one of them (which is which??) about science stuff
Zorion: Kris has been seen with him. They talk about mythology.

Things you can learn about Kris online:

xxxxxKris has a Facebook page. He is married and links to his wife's page. A small notice leads to a way to contact them 'if you find us interesting' (just @mail or page Kris).
xxxxxKris is fairly open about himself on Facebook but doesn't post much about his children beyond that he has some. Their pictures do not appear on his page, nor any links to them.
xxxxxKris's facebook page links to Mary Reilly's, Brian Riley's, about twenty people named Krishnamurthy, and many others, about half of the total being of Indian ethnicity.

xxxxxKris is Director of Game Design at New Horizon Games and Simulations. They have over a hundred games and simulations available, including 'Stars and Stripes' (similar to 'Call of Duty' or 'Modern Warfare'), 'Samsara' (A whole family of games, very big in India, known to game afficianados in the USA), a line of Hunter games, and many others. Details available.

xxxxx Kris has some very influential Twitter followers. He tweets a lot about games and the industry, but also social and political tweets. He is socially liberal and economically moderate.

xxxxxKris is active in philanthropy. Apparently he used to be rich but has plowed it into education for women and the poor in India and Bangladesh, microloans, the Heifer Foundation, giving free linux computers to villagers, and so on. He actively solicits people to join him in giving to similar causes.

xxxxxKris used to be active on Tinder and Ashley Madison but has recently dropped off both.

"Siblings", a 1 by 1.3 meter oil painting in Kris's living room.