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Laura Taylor

Laura is a new arrival in the city, having moved from Reno in May of 2019. She claims to work as a waitress at the Monte-Carm. While she does do a good deal of work there, she's not exactly waiting tables...

RP Hooks

  • Blackjack... Laura comes from gambling towns. She spent the last few years working the casinos and hotels of Reno, and grew up near Vegas.
  • ...and Hookers: Laura ain't waiting tables. She's a mid-range escort, operating under the name Mercy. She specializes in girlfriend experiences and markets herself as friendly, approachable, and high class, but has been known to supplement this by fishing for quick clients in hotel bars.
  • Music: She's not great at it, but Laura sings and plays the piano, and is interested in improving.
Laura is of average height, perhaps 5'5" if she stands up very straight, with a slender build. Her face is smooth, still a little youthfully rounded in places, and she's likely in her early twenties. Olive skin and almond eyes hint at something in her background that's not entirely white Amerimutt - Central Asian, maybe? - but it's impossible to pin down. Her features are delicate, and set into a narrow heart shaped face with a pointed chin. A smattering of dark freckles cross her nose, her straight hair is a glossy and very deep brown, and her eyes are a striking shade of hazel. Overall, she's pretty, and only pretty: attractive enough to be appealing without being intimidating.

Simon: My stray Italian greyhound.
Ixchel: I never expected to run into someone like her.
Haruka: I want a pink lab coat!
Khoi: Great guy, fun to party with, but I know I make him uncomfortable.
Christy: Well, I can work with her.
Alex: Nice guy. We should get coffee again.
Dasia: Like a little devil on my shoulder whenever I see her.