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Courthouse @tel #10237
General Hospital @tel #9375
Police Station @tel #10237
Haddonfield Medical Center @tel #9375
Fire Department @tel #10237



Rosita Rodriguez xxxxx Fire Marshal for Pokah's Peak
Winifred Mari Bulxxxxx Fire woman

Medical Professionals

Coffey: Jefferson County Medical Examiner
Leon Kringhoffer: Assistant ME
Magaera Hammond - General Practitioner

Law Enforcement

  • Andrew

Samuel "Smokey” Johnson: Pokoh's Peak Chief of Police

Daniel Cagatay: Sheriff of Clear Creek County
Derrick Ward: Jefferson County Sherriff's Department Detective

Trooper James Nguyen: Colorado State Police

Colorado Bureau of Investigation:
Victoria Ramirez: agent
Thomas Orsted: agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation (Based in Denver):
Lynne Hittner: agent
John Kenney: agent


Search and Rescue

Winifred Mari Bulxxxxx Mountain Search and Rescue