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"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Biographical Data
Name: Leila Jones
Birthdate: 02-29-1996
Occupation: Manager of The Silver Dragon bar
Nationality: American
Nature: Knave
Demeanor: Squire
Height/Weight: 4'5" / 88lbs
Hair/Eyes: Black/Silver-Grey

Merits: Catlike Balance
Flaws: Short

Leila has recently arrived from Chicago, seemingly to attend the local university. One might see her around campus from time to time, or hanging around local cafes or bookstores. Recently she seems to have taken over as manager of The Silver Dragon bar.

RP Hooks
  • Chicago - She's from the Windy City, grew up there.
  • New to Area - Arrived December 2016 to begin classes at the university.
  • Student - Going to University for Library Sciences.
  • Bookstores - She loves everything about bookstores, the older and out of the way, the better.
  • Cafes - Tea is her usual preference, though coffee isn't too bad.
  • Parks - The quietness of the parks sometimes calls her out of her normal places.
  • Bars - Not her normal places, but she's known as the manager of The Silver Dragon and sometimes hangs out at Pokoh's Cantina.

Those Closest:

  • Buck - "From the moment I laid eyes on him, he made me smile. And now I can call he and his daughter, Emily, my family."

Those Close:

  • Antonio - "Mr. Peretti ran the best restaurant back in Chicago. And now he's here with his daughter. I cannot wait to be able to eat at his place - I have missed his cooking so much. And his friendship."
  • Sebastion - He has become a good friend, one with whom I share a few common interests.
  • Warrick - Such an ever changing man. I enjoy our conversations, and the work we have done together.
  • Nuru - "Owns a nice cantina where I can get a nearly perfect cup of tea."
  • Selena - "Runs a gym. I think she might have had sweat in her eye or something. Worked as receptionist for her for a little while."
  • Jolon - "Nice man. Big. Has been a good teacher when I needed help with certain lessons."
  • Kismet - "A very interesting fellow. Many intriguing stories to tell."

Those Not So Close:

  • None at the moment.

Those Gone:

  • Moira - "She has my utmost respect, always. I wish her well on the path that life has taken her, even if it means she had to leave Pokoh's Peak."
  • Jimmy - "Put me in charge of his bar when he left with Moira. He had better keep her happy."
  • Soot - "Missing for a long time, and now known to be dead."
  • Jacob - "He was a good friend who had been through so many highs and lows. I am sorry to hear of his death and can only hope that he finds eternal peace now."
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